Random thoughts: Do Bucs’ fans desire nastiness?

by Gary Shelton on June 2, 2019 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Ndamukong Suh swears taht, really, he's a teddy bear. As long as you keep in mind that the teddy bear will step on your neck.

"Before you pass judgement on somebody I always take the time to get to know them, meet them, have coffee with them, whatever it may be and then be able to go from there. I think when people have seen blips of me, as you mentioned, it’s been in a negative light, rather than a positive light and that’s due to outlets of media, social media, whatever it may be. So, I can deal with that, because I know who I am as a person. I know who my parents are, what kind of child they brought up and it’s irrelevant in my life. I think the people that know me the best see me always in a good light and see the troubles and tribulations that I’ve gone through as any human being goes through in their life."

The thing is, Suh doesn't have to be a nice guy. Heck, after the way some fans were gleeful about Gerald McCoy leaving, you'd think they'd prefer a bad ass.

Me? I don't mind a defensive tackle helping up a quarterback after knocking him down.

I just want him to knock him down.

-- Quick quiz: Will the Rays make the playoffs in 2019?

-- Cute gimmick at the Cubs game. Bears' quarterback Mitch Trubisky threw out the first pitch, but only because he brought along his offensive line to block for him.

-- Quick quiz: How many games will the Bucs win this season?

-- Calvin Johnson says that if the Lions want to mend broken fences with him, they'll give him back some of the signing bonus he didn't qualify for when he retired. For a million bucks, I can live with a broken fence.

-- Quick quiz: How many yards will Ronald Jones rush for this season?

-- The early odds are in. Alabama and Clemson are at least seven point favorites over any other team in the nation. And speaking of early odds, Dabo Swinney is an eight-point favorite to make Nick Saban fetch his coffee again next year.

-- Quick quiz: Will the Lightning last more than Ronda Rousey in next year's playoffs?

-- Did you see the SEC will allow the sale of alcohol at its games? Now, if only the league could find a way to incorporate pro wrestling and NASCAR, it would be a perfect way to spend the day.

-- Quick quiz: How long before Bruce Arians looks at Jameis Winston and swears about his turnovers?

-- I'm not stunned that SB Nation says the Bucs have the worst running back group in the NFL. I'm stunned that anyone would suggest they don't.

-- Quick quiz: Is the guy who will finish next season as the Bucs' placekicker currently on the roster?

-- Tony Dungy nailed it with his criticism of the potential whistle-swallowing with the possible exception of Hail Mary plays on play of the game. As Dungy put it, "Are they saying  you can't be offsides, linemen can't hold, bu receivers and DBS can push off or grab. That's ridiculous." Also, it's bed-wetting by the Competition Committee.

-- Quick quiz: How many games will Blake Snell win this year?

--Saquon Barkley says Daniel Jones can lead the Giants to two Super Bowls. Yeah, the one that's decided on Maddon and the one that's decided on EA Sports.

-- Quick quiz: Who will lead the Rays in saves? And will it be in single digits?

-- I get it. The Raiders used to be nasty. The Raiders want to be nasty again. So they sign noted nutjob Richie Incognito, a guy who  allegedly threw a dumbell at a person at a gym. Just wondering: When Incognito throws a dumbell, is it like Jim Bowie throwing a knife? Is one named for the other?

-- Quick quiz: Could Gerald McCoy take anger lessons from Tommy Pham?

-- Of course I think the Rays will make an offer for Dallas Keuchel. I think they'll offer $1 a year for 150 million years.

-- Quick quiz: In which decade will the Bucs next make the playoffs?

-- Considering where they are against the cap, don't you wonder? Do the Bucs ever have a counter-offer, or do they just nod like a bobblehead and pay the money?



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