Random Thoughts: A vote for Bonds and Clemens, reluctantly

by Gary Shelton on December 9, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

I haven't boiled down the players in the voting for the baseball Hall of Fame, but I would vote for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens reluctantly. Not because they deserve it, but because baseball fans deserve a complete Hall of Fame. It isn't sainthood.

-- I'd also lean in favor of the M-squad. Mariano Rivera, Fred McGriff, Mike Mussina and Edgar Martinez.

-- So how do you explain that Urban Meyer, snake, is still detested by many Florida fans and Urban Meyer, rat, is admired by Ohio State? I guess Florida has higher standards.

-- Kyler Murray won the Heisman, which surprised everyone in Tuscaloosa. Still, I thought he had more to do with Oklahoma being in the playoffs than Tagovailoa had to do with Alabama's.

-- Buc who needs a big game against New Orleans: Cornerback Brent Grimes who has to contain Michael Thomas.

-- No one is suggesting that Kareem Hunt isn't penalized severely, but do you ever wonder who is running the NFL? Is it Roger Goodell, or is it the guy in charge of TMZ?

-- The Peach Bowl has never had anything to do with the college champion. Neither has the Gator or the Outback or the Belk. So why do they all seem more like exhibition games than ever. If you miss a bowl game, any bowl game other than the playoffs, do you really care?

-- Three words if George Steinbrenner finally gets into the Hall of Fame Sunday. "It's about time."

-- Three Words if Steinbrenner doesn't get in. "Close the Hall."

-- Buc who needs a big game against New Orleans: Jason Pierre-Paul, who has to keep up the team's recent pass rush success.

-- Former Bucs' kicker Chandler Cantazaro is back, baby. You can find him in a Panthers' uniform, just right of the goal posts.

-- Will Grier is skipping his West Virginia team's game in order to get ready for the NFL draft. Gee. Remember when actually practicing and playing in game did help you get ready for the NFL draft?

-- Also skipping their bowl games are Houston's Ed Oliver, Michigan's Rashan Gary, LSU's Greedy Williams and others. Gee. You think Williams could share his nickname with the others?

-- I think Murray is a fine Heisman recipient, but I still wish the committee would wait until the season was over before deciding its best player. I once lost my vote because I refused to vote for winner Chris Weinke until the bowl game was complete. The committee thought I was a wise guy. I guess they had a point.

-- Buc who needs a big game against New Orleans: Linebacker Lavonte David, who will have to deal with running back Alvin Kamara.

-- The rumors have already started with Urban Meyer. Dallas Morning News columnist Kevin Sherrington writes that Urban could end up coaching Texas or Oklahoma, although both appear to be happy with their head coach. Remember that if Meyer slithers toward the Red River.

-- I've said it before. If you're wondering why Mike Evans is called too often for pushing off, well, it's because Mike Evas too often pushes off.

-- Rumors are that the Jags are preparing to move on from Blake Bortles. I'd also move on from whoever decided to give him a $54 million contract last year.

-- Oklahoma's Kyler Murray says he'd like to play major league baseball for the A's next year and play in the NFL. Bo Jackson did it, and Deion Sanders did it. But neither of those guys played quarterback.

-- Buc who needs a big game against New Orleans: Cornerback Javien Elliott, who has to make a few plays again.

-- So Lance Armstrong is whining because, as he sees it, Alex Rodriguez got a second chance after his drug lies and Armstrong didn't. He even tried to use his foundation as a weapon. I'm not quite sure why the nation has moved on with A-Rod, but I know that Armstrong used more of other people's blood than Dracula.

-- Here's the surprising thing about Donald Trump's coin toss before the Army-Navy game. He didn't keep the quarter.

-- Goodnight, Tim Rossovich. I hope in the afterlife they serve light bulbs in the evening buffet.

-- Buc who needs a big game against New Orleans: Peyton Barber, who has to give balance to the team attack.




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