Random thoughts: Hurts was the perfect backup QB

by Gary Shelton on December 2, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 3 a.m.

You have to be thankful that Jalen Hurts didn't run, and he didn't transfer, and he didn't sulk. He just backed up, and then he led Alabama to a win in the SEC title game. That's the perfect way to handle a difficult situation.

-- Nobody asked me, but I'm going with Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma. I have Georgia fifth and Ohio State sixth. I have UCF seventh. The big move is to put in Oklahoma and its firepower over Georgia, which had its shot at Alabama. Sue me.

-- Buc who needs a big game against Carolina: Mike Evans, who didn't have one the first time the two played.

-- Just when you thought the NFL was addressing it's violence problem: Adrian Peterson admits he still beats his kids with a belt, Rueben Foster is cut after evidence of domestic violence and Kareem Hunt is cut after a video emerges of his rage. What is this? A remake of the Dirty Dozen?

-- But the Redskins' Doug Williams says it's small potatoes, huh? No, it a large piece of spoiled vegetables. And if you can't recognize it, you're doomed to eat them.

-- Buc who needs a big game against Carolina? Jason Pierre-Paul, who has a shot at the team's sack record.

-- By the time most college coaches leave their program, we're all happy to hold the door open for them. But at least Paul Johnson made Georgia Tech watchable with that following-the-bouncing-ball attack of his. I next expect Tech to be relevant in 2039.

-- It was amusing that the NBA honored the late Craig Sager by having its coaches dress like figure skaters. If I were going to dress that way, I would have to borrow some clothes from Don Cherry.

-- Buc who needs a big game against Carolina: Peyton Barber, who can ease the pressure on Jameis Winston.

-- So which team picks up Kareem Hunt and acts as if he, too, was guilty of small potatoes? You'd think of a bad team, or you'd think of a renegade team. But a team like the Patriots makes sense. He can ride Bill Belichick's reputation until people forget that he's a thug.

-- So Tua Tagovailoa's dad would beat him with a belt if he played badly growing up? Is that the proper preparation to play for Nick Saban?

-- A lot of rumors about Urban Meyer stepping down. One question: If he does, who gets the deed to Jim Harbaugh, who Meyer owns?

-- Buc who needs a big game today against Carolina: Jordan Whitehead.

-- Everyone seems to have a plan for an expanded college playoff system. I was walking down the street the other day and tripped over two of them. Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World-Herald, however, furthers the idea with nine power conferences of eight teams each. In his Sunshine Division, he has  Florida, Florida State, Miami, UCF, USF, Clemson, South Carolina, Georgia Tech. And you thought playing Tulane was tough.

-- Urban Meyer is going to love the Rose Bowl. Really. It's a good place to retire.

-- Dez Bryant, resident nimrod, has already defended Hunt and called one fan an "ignorant hoe" for criticizing him. When the league is done suspending Hunt, Bryant would be a good next.

-- Blake Bortles is benched? I'm shocked. Next thing you'll be telling me is that Ryan Leaf has a shaky future.

-- So, does anyone else suspect that UCF's comeback win over Memphis might help their chances at a second straight fiction award champion? Or is their 12th? I forget.

-- Just wondering. If baseball ever does let Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame, will there be a big pair of fuzzy dice beside his bust?

-- Buc who needs a big game against Carolina: Winston, of course. If he can control his turnovers, the Bucs have a puncher's chance.

-- Texas scored only 27 against the Oklahoma-USF defense? Fire the offensive coordinator!

-- A fake punt with score tied at 28 in the final minutes? Not so Smart, Kirby.

-- Of course, Smart was Ben Stein compared to Middle Tennessee, which lost to UAB in the Conference USA title game because it had 12 men on the field.

-- The XFL is coming to Tampa, huh? I can't wait to see football players act like wrestlers.

-- I wonder what Ray Rice thinks of Kareem Hunt?



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