Random thoughts: Bucs face Giants’ broken line?

by Gary Shelton on November 18, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Peyton Manning says that a lot of little brother Eli's problems are because of the constant flux of the Giants' offensive line. Well, won't Eli be happy about facing the Bucs' pass rush today. From a distance.

--The Ohio State Buckeyes certainly looked like an NFL team Saturday. Sadly, it was the Bucs.

-- It isn't good that Houston's Ed Oliver snarled at his head coach, Major Applewhite. On the other hand, it's a stupid rule that your injured star can't wear his team jacket after he turned down the NFL to play for your school. A major oversite by Major Applewhite.

-- I heard the late Wally Butts talk about the time that Frankie Sinkwich told him he had gotten married. At the time, there was a team rule against married players. "I did the only thing I could do," Butts said. "I changed the damn rule."

-- Buc who needs a big game today? Start with Ryan Fitzpatrick, who needs to be turnover free.

-- This just in. The War on I-4 has been reclassified. It is now "a border skirmish."

-- Now that the awards season is over, here's a question you don't want to think about. Which Rays player has to be on guard the most against  bad follow up season. Is it a) Blake Snell? Or b) Joey Wendle? Or c) Ryan Yarbrough? Or d)  Matt Duffy?

-- Pretty good Gameday poster said that it's been "700 days since UCF lost." A follow-up question, though. How many days since the Knights played a team that finished in the top 10? It's got to be asked.

-- I'm not saying that losing to UCLA and Chip Kelly stung, but Southern Cal fans want a new coach. The only two guys it doesn't want on its sideline are Clay Helton and O.J. Simpson. And they'll think about Simpson.

-- Buc who needs a big game today against the Giants? Jason-Pierre Paul, who is making a homecoming.

-- So who thinks that Le'Veon Bell will ever have another 1,000-yard season? A prediction: Someone will pay him, and someone will regret it.

-- I love that there is a new audible by the Rams called "Halle Berry." It's code for "Whatever you do, don't watch Catwoman."

-- Buc who needs a big game today? Kicker Carlos Santos. It would be a nice time to say hello and perform, for a chance.

-- It isn't about whether  Tiger Woods is in Phil Mickelson's head. It's whether a very old man is inside of Tiger's back.

-- Cleveland general manager John Dorsey says, yes, the new head coach of. the Browns could be a woman. Really? I'm sure there are a thousand women sharper than the dolts the Browns have employed lately, but do you think Dorsey believes that the movie "Wildcats" is a documentary

-- What was that about winners never quitting? Did you see the story about Earlham College, which says it isn't playing anymore. Earlham had lost 53 straight games, including a 70-6 drubbing by the mighty team from Rose-Hulman. The Earlham nickname is the Quakers, but something tells me that its players are the ones who are quaking. In fear.

-- Earlham allowed 59 or more points to six opponents this season, so I think we know who the next defensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Bucs will be.

-- I'd give a tip to 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garappolo, but he doesn't have much regard for them. A waitress has posted some of his receipts, and they include items like a $5 tip on a $134 meal. Gee. I hope he enjoyed the "pie ala saliva."

-- CBSsports sees the Bucs' drafting cornerback Greedy Williams with the No. 7 draft pick this year. Maybe, but the Bucs have three No. 2 draft picks and a No. 1 in their secondary, and they still can't cover. I'd prefer a solid offensive lineman.

--Buc who needs a big game? Carlton Davis needs to hang with Odell Beckham.

-- I'm afraid to go outside lest a USF Bull falls on me.

--Here's the real upset concerning Earlham College. How did the entire SEC overlook those guys? I'm so weary of Creampuff Week that I'm ready to make it a designated week. Each team gets two Creampuffs, maximum, on its schedule. Every other one counts as a loss.

-- Of course, Notre Dame's pants they wore Saturday should count as two losses.

-- Detroit's Matt Patricia continues to underwhelm onlookers after practicing this week in the snow (in preparation for a game that will be played indoors). Patricia joins that Hall of Fame list of Belichick coaches that includes Charlie Weis, Josh McDaneils, Romeo Crennel and Eric Mangini. Which tells you just how good Belichick is.

-- Here's a story that doesn't pass the smell test. Scotland dart player (Thrower? Pitcher? Dartist?) Gary Anderson advanced to the quarterfinals of the Grand Slam of Darts by beating Wesley Harms. Harms alleges that he lost because Anderson was, um, flatulent during the event. All of which makes you wonder about the price of gas.

-- Make fun of Pitt if you want. But the ACC newcomers now have as many ACC Coastal Division titles as Miami, which used to be a big deal. So was Princeton.




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