Random thoughts: On dumping a bad quarterback

by Gary Shelton on November 11, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 am.

Buffalo Bills' fans have seen enough. They're trying to raise enough money to buy Nathan Peterman a bus ticket out of town. The problem is that the goal is $1 million. So far, the site has raised $285.

-- There's no telling how much Matt Barkley donated, but he is starting for the Bills today.

-- Buc player who needs a big day today: Ryan Fitzpatrick.

-- So I guess that the new Rays Stadium won't be "The House That Mallex Built," will it?

-- If the Bucs ant to fire a general manager today, maybe they should fire Bruce Allen again. Just for old time's sake.

-- Buc players who needs a big day today: Peyton Barber.

-- That doofus who acts as Aaron Rodgers' agent on the insurance ads? Is that Le'Veon Bell's agent? Bell would rather sit on the couch that made $15 million this year. I cant see anyone offering more for next year, though.

-- Did you see that Babe ruth, Roger Staubach and Alan Page were among the recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Gee. I wonder where Muhammad Ali, Jesse Owens and Jackie Robinson finished.

-- Buc player who needs a big day today; Mike Evans.

-- Just wondering: Jimmy Butler turned being unhappy in Minnesota into a full-time job. How long do you think he'll be a good guy in Philadelphia? The clock is running.

-- Figures. The Cleveland Browns finally get a guy in a commercial -- a weird one, to be sure -- and it's the team's punter. Ah, the city of fourth down.

-- Buc player who needs a big day today: Carlton Davis.

-- If you had to put a fork in one player or the other, who is closer to finished? DeWayne Wade or Carmello Anthony? Or Bob Cousy?

-- A Vegas gambling site says the Buffalo Bills would be favored by 28.9 over Alabama. That's probably true. But Alabama would still have the best seven athletes on the field. I'm just surprised, given Alabama's schedule, that the tide didn't try to schedule Buffalo already.

-- Gee. Wasn't Dez Bryant's time with the Saints memorable? Or at least profitable?

-- Buc player who needs a big day today: Donovan Smith.

-- This just in: Nick Saban reports that he feels absolutely no pain from Tua Tagovailoa's sore knee. He's a tough guy, Saban.

-- Question: Of all the Bucs players, who would be the biggest disappointment?

a) Jam3is Winston

b) Vita Vea

c) Ronald Jones

d) Noah Spence

e) Gerald McCoy.

No, you cannot answer "all of them."



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