Random thoughts: Welcome back, Lightning

by Gary Shelton on October 7, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

I don't know about you, but I thought it was cool to see the Lightning return Saturday night. Let's see: Kucherov scored the winner in a shootout. Vasilevskiy was solid in goal. The team won a comeback. Yeah, those were the Lightning, all right.

-- Now that Richie Incognito is a memory, and Dez Bryant is on the outside, who would be the least popular player in the NFL ? Would it be Tom Brady, because of all the anti-dynasty fans out there? Jalen Ramsey? Antonio Brown? Jameis Winston?

-- How about historically? Would be Conrad Dobler? O.J. Simpson? Bill Romanowski? Eric Dickerson? Michael Vick?

-- Good night, Oklahoma. We have some lovely parting gifts for playing.

-- I read that the Raiders may be looking for a home in 2019, a year before they move to Las Vegas. How about this? How about they play in Bugsy Siegel's old yard?

-- I feel sad for Ryan Lochte, who says he has "alcohol issues." One question though. How many does a guy have to have before he decided that stupid door was just asking to be kicked?

-- So who leads college football in gimmicks? Miami has the turnover necklace, Alabama has the turnover belt and FSU has the turnover purse (backpack). Remember when teams didn't worry so much about accessorizing?

-- It didn't surprise me when Tim Tebow said he would die a Gator. It did kind of shock me when his critics asked "when?"

-- Goodnight, Dave. Dave Anderson, the New York Times columnist was always very nice to me. He died this week at age 89. He was an elegant writer and a solid guy.

-- Steve Spurrier wants to fix the college football playoffs, but he says it starts with going to eight teams. Heck a three-year-old can fix it if you go to eight teams. How about trying to fix it with four?

-- Former Rays' ace David Price is still struggling in the post-season. He's started nine games, and his team has lost all nine. So what is it about October that turns Price into Wilson Alvarez?

-- I think the two guys who broadcasted the USF-UMass game were Milli and Vanilli, the last crew working. Evidently, Vanilli had never heard of USF.

-- Evidently, losing a close game to Ohio State makes Penn State's James "Rabbit Ears" Franklin's thin skinned. He had to be restrained from going after a fan who questioned a  call fora draw play on fourth and five. The fan's words: "Fourth and five, you should have passed it, coach. That was a bad call." Wow.  Has any coach ever heard anything so vicious?

-- The Boston Globe has a story lamenting the construction of the Red Sox bullpen. What? They didn't have a couple of extra $30 million contracts lying around?


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