Random thoughts: Trump stands amid kneelers

by Gary Shelton on July 22, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Want to know why Donald Trump is railing against NFL players kneeling again? It's to distract from the fact that he got caught slow-dancing with Putin. It's called a trick play.

-- Fansided.com ranked Jameis Winston as the fifth most overrated quarterback in the NFL, behind Jimmy Garoppolo and Case Keenum and ahead of Jared Goff and Dak Prescott. I guess they've never heard of Kirk Cousins? Ryan Tannehill?

-- With talk of expansion to Montreal and Portland, Baseball America was talking about realignment. They have the Rays in a division with Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Miami, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington. Teams would play 156 games with eight teams making the playoffs. The Rays would be in the thick of the race with that competition.

--  Baltimore's Adam  Jones and Chris Davis spent part of Friday night trapped in a crowded elevator. The half-hour must have been nice. It's the only time all year the Orioles haven't been going down.

-- I feel bad that Tampa Bay never got to see Darrelle Revis play. He was a recuperating corner his year here, and he never got his game back in time. Elsewhere, he was Revis Island. Here, he was Fantasy Island.

-- Rob Gronkowski went swimming with the sharks. At least he would have had a chance in. a fistfight with a Great White. I remember diving with the sharks, and my dive buddy handed me his speargun, just in case the sharks could tell which one of us was holding it.

-- Just wondering: Do the Lakers have a different salary cap than everyone else?

--  Some players have to overcome height. Some have to overcome injuries. Lonzo Ball has to overcome Daddy, and that might be too much for him.

-- Is Josh Hader running for Congress? And do Haters have to be Hader?

-- High schoolers haven't quite caught on to the new leadership at FSU and Florida. FSU is 14th in next year's recruiting. Florida is 34th.

-- Manny Machado tells Baltimore fans "you're forever in my heart." The Dodgers, however, own his soul.

-- Does anyone else think that John Schnatter is the Tonya Harding of pizza?

-- Speaking of the NBA, how are the Orlando Magic not, like, $200 million under the salary cap?

--  John Schnatter the former head of Papa John's who will not shut up, has again ripped Roger Goodell. Gee, John, who cares what you think? The opinions of out of work bigots aren't a high priority.

-- There is an advantage to being stuck in the past. Ask Great Britain, who got to see the old Tiger Woods Saturday. Now, if we can see the Beatles, Mrs. Peel and Shakespeare again, we're in business.

-- Hey, I'm not bothered that Jimmy Garappolo wants to date a porn star (Kiara Mia). But when Joe Theismann has your back, it's time to worry.

-- I didn't know who Gregory Hill was until I read that Mike Evans had given his family $11,000. Evidently, Hill was shot by St. Lucie police through a garage door. The jury awarded Hill's family $4 -- for his three kids and the funeral -- in an insulting judgment. Good catch, Mike.

-- I loved that Baseball America ran a nice feature on now-car dealer Brad Komminsk. When I was at the Herald, I did a long takeout on Komminsk that never ran. I still think it was one of my best. Oh, Brad, we both fizzled.

-- Quick bet: Who's the first Ray to go at the trade deadline. I say Adeiny Hechavarria, but my friends tell me it will be Chris Archer. Of course, it's also going to be known as the Rays trading  "the last chance at the playoffs."

--Notre Dame fans are upset with Vandy coach Derek Mason because he said he wasn't concerned about playing at Notre Dame because he plays in the SEC. The question here is this: Since when is Vanderbilt a huge rival for Notre Dame?

-- I forgot to check. Did UCF win the 2018 title yet? How about 2019?

-- I'd like to see Tiger win again. We aren't going to see Pete Sampras win again, and we aren't going to see Joe Montana lead his team downfield, and we aren't going to see Pete Maravich with another funky drive to the basket. But we can see this.



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