Random Thoughts: Contemplating the good Knights

by Gary Shelton on May 20, 2018 · 0 comments

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Saturday, 3 a.m.

So when the St. Louis Blues and Toronto Maple Leafs look at the Vegas Golden Knights this close to the Stanley Cup, what do they think. The Blues have never won a cup. The Leafs haven't won won in 50 years.

-- Johnny Manziel is going to Canada. I wonder how much a one-way ticket to Hamilton goes for?

-- CBSsports.com ranks the Bucs' "Triplets" at 23rd in the league. That's the passer (Jameis Winston), the receiver (Mike Evans) and the running back. The problem, of course, was the running back, where No. 2 draft pick Ronald Jones  II is expected to have most of the carries.

-- This just in: In a recent fishing excursion, Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm hooked, well, Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm. And I can't help but hear the Andy Griffith song.

-- I keep hearing about a royal wedding. Did King James LeBron wed Sir Charles Barkley?

-- Did Prince Fielder marry King Richard Petty?

-- Thebiglead.com lists its top 25 college programs of the last 25 years. FSU is third, Florida fourth and Miami 11th. I'm am certain that upon seeing the list, UCF will come in at minus-two.

-- Not saying the Lightning are better on the road, but their new mascot is Tom Bodett.

-- I wonder what Rick Pitino thought when Katrina Powell, the Escort Queen who provided sex to Louisville players and in the end got Pitino fired, was arrested for trying to cash bad checks.

-- Just wondering how many national titles UCF will win next fall? Four? Seven?

-- A shame the Rowdies and ex-coach Stuart Campbell are headed in opposite directions. I liked him. But one doesn't struggle for long for the Rowdies, does he?

-- Say this for the Lightning: The players really, really like those pillow mints.

-- Could someone explain to me how last year's Georgia was rated the best college football team in history? The last time we saw them, they weren't even the best team on the field (they lost to Alabama).

-- Everyone knows that UCF is the best team ever. Just ask.

-- Scott Frost has a great point about some of Alabama's titles being full of hooey. That doesn't change that his former UCF Knights look like little boys sitting on the throne.

-- Asked to choose between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, Scottie Pippen picks ... Wilt Chamberlain. The good thing about Pippen's thoughts is this: If you don't like it, stick around. He'll change it in a minute.

-- Steven Jackson claims he's the best Rams' running back ever. Jackson, evidently, has never heard of Eric Dickerson or Marshal Faulk.

-- John Barrow, the old ex-Gator,  played in nine Grey Cups for the Tiger-Cats. He won four of them. He was a 12-time all-star. He is in the CFL Hall of Fame. And he didn't have as many headlines as Johnny "Two Drink Minium" had this weekend.

-- In honor of the Cleveland Browns, HBO has changed the name of its football series to "Hard Knocked."

-- Not saying the Preakness was wet, but down the stretch, I think Justify stepped on a fish.



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