Random Thoughts: Yapping is alive in the NHL

by Gary Shelton on March 4, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Did you see that John Tortorella backed down after having words with Washington's Alex Overchkin? If you remember, Torts had a problem when then-Philly coach Ken Hitchcock once said something to one of his players.  In other words, "Shut my yap."

-- According to ESPN, the final four teams in the overpay-Kirk-Cousins sweepstakes are Denver, the New York Jets, Minnesota and the Cardinals. If I were Cousins, I'd run (and pass) to Colorado. A guy can win there, and the Broncos have seen enough of bad quarterbacks to pay top dollar.

-- I don't know if the Dolphins' trade for Robert Quinn will work out, but I give Miami credit for going after a defensive end who will go after a quarterback. Wonder if the Bucs paid attention?

-- I read a headline that said "Aaron Rodgers Waiting for Kirk Cousins to Sign." As opposed to what? Tap-dancing the time away?

-- Don't you love what passes for journalism these days? Just after a report that says "a multitude" of teams have asked Jackson to work out at receiver, Jackson says no team has. Well, oops.

-- Did you read where Donald Trump inflated his part in getting the UCLA players, including LiAngelo Ball, out of China. Just wondering: Who wins a liar's poker game between Trump and Lavar Ball?

-- According to CBS sports, the Bucs have the fifth-most payroll available under the cap, behind Cleveland, the Jets, Indy and San Francisco. Time to spend some allowance, guys.

-- Personally, I don't think that cancer has a chance against Jim Kelly, the toughest by-gum quarterback ever.

-- I don't care that Johnny Manziel says he'd play for free. To me, he'd still be overpaid.

-- Funny piece at SBnation.com on the worst questions asked of players at the NFL combine. They include "boxers or briefs," "cat or dog?" and "what would be your choice of a murder weapon." If I were a defensive player, I'd answer every question "just sack the damned quarterback."

-- Of course, one prospect was asked if he liked men. Which reminds me of a story of a Bucs' p.r. guy who asked me about a college safety one year. I told him he was supposed to be a good player, maybe a step slow. He snorted, "Well, I hear he's gay." And I said, "I've seen your safeties play. If this guy is a difference maker, I wouldn't care if he was gay. I'd get him a date."

-- Willie Taggart says that the way things are now, neither USF nor UCF will ever play for a national championship. Once you get past the indignation of it, you realize he's right.

-- Would someone please explain to me why a player gets a point when he scores an empty-netter on a layup shot, but he doesn't if he scores the winning goal in overtime?

-- In which round do the Bucs draft Orlando Brown? The Oklahoma offensive tackle ran a 40-yard dash that would have been the second-worst ever, had a vertical jump that would have been the worst ever, a broad jump that would have been the worst ever and a bench press that would have been tied for the fourth-worst of any offensive lineman drafted. Just a hunch, but former Cleveland Brown tackle Orlando "Zeus" Brown is 48 now. He could beat those times.

-- ESPN wonders if Redskins' general manager Bruce Allen is on the hot seat. Really? If it was my team, Allen's seat would be hotter than Joan of Arc's.

-- The more mock drafts I see, the more I'm convinced that the Bucs need to make a move. They need to trade up for Bradley Chubb (picked to go third to Indianapolis) or trade back. I mean, Minkah Fitzpatrick sounds good, but didn't the Bucs just draft a safety?

-- Just think if the producers of I, Tanya make other moves. Such as I, O.J which shows how much trouble a guy can get into when he just tries to return a pair of lost sunglasses.

-- Or I, Oscar, in which Oscar Pistorius is tired of waiting for the restroom.

-- Or I, Dennis, in which Dennis Rodman ties to make a home in North Korea from all the others from his home planet.

-- In case you're wondering, that USF (the one in San Francisco) has 18 wins. The one here (Tampa) has nine.

-- He hasn't coached a game yet, but Texaas A&M gave Jimbo Fisher a national championship plaque with a date that said 20--. That gives Fisher 82 years to come through. Soon, you can expect Fisher to whine about the pressure.

-- Just asking: Is it true that when the Jags wrote a check to Blake Bortles for his $54 million extension, they mistakenly made it out to Trent Dilfer? Well, oops.

-- Here's a betting line you want to be a part of: Who's the starting quarterback for Montreal this year. Is it Drew Willy, Matthew Shiltz, Antonio Pipkin, Garrett Fugate, Nick Shafnisky or ... Josh Freeman? And does it matter how early practice is? After all, Josh was never one to make the donuts.

-- I finally get it. The Rays are going in reverse. As such, they can hardly wait for next week's expansion draft.


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