FSU coach Fisher has a lot of unhappy fans

by Gary Shelton on December 1, 2017 · 6 comments

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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher is shopping again./STEVEN MUNCIE

Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher is shopping again./STEVEN MUNCIE

Thursday, 1 a.m.

A coach loves his fans, of course. Except of course, when one of them dares to yell down that the school needs new coaches. Then, they aren't so lovable.

And so it is that one of the lasting images of this football season was coach (for now) Jimbo Fisher, jawing at one of his fans after another disappointing loss (this one to Louisville) in a disappointing season.

In that moment, Fisher was annoyed. A fan had dared to question a season that was off the rails, but Fisher thought he should have just clapped and nodded. FSU is 10-10 in its last 20 ACC games, and gee, that's swell.

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A coach loves his radio audience, too. Except for Thursday, when one of them asked about Fisher's loyalty. Fisher is in the middle of talks with Texas A&M, but fans aren't supposed to notice such things, evidently. So the fan was shoved twice as he was escorted away from Fisher's radio show. Later, Fisher said he would have answered the guy's questions, although to be honest, he didn't seem to protest much as the fan was led away.

And such is the tentative tie between Fisher and FSU these days, as he flirts again with yet another suitor. Fisher says his guideline is that he doesn't talk about jobs; evidently, however, he talks to everyone who has one open. It doesn't matter if fans twist in the wind. It doesn't matter if recruits de-commit. It's the Fisher show, starring Fisher, with a special guest appearance from Fisher.

But there is this:

The more often this goes along, the more FSU fans are willing to say goodbye.

Look, it isn't hard to figure out. This was bad enough when LSU flirted once, and then again. But now it is another year, and another school, and Fisher still doesn't seem happy. If a coach is going to have a simply dreadful season, one like FSU had this year when it spent months tumbling down the standings, then he at least ought to appear grateful for his continued employment.

More and more, Fisher does not. And he refusal to talk about what he wants is growing more and more frustrating.

Look, Fisher has been very good for FSU. He has rebuilt the possibilities, and he has recruited well, and he has won a national championship. But FSU has been good for Fisher, too. It would be nice to see Fisher acknowledge it every now and then.

It is rare that the head coach of a power school trades his job in to be the head coach of another school. Oh, it happens. Dan Mullen, for instance. But it's rare. Now that Fisher is considering it, again, you wonder how deep his frustrations are. Even if he says no to Texas A&M this year, does Oklahoma State come calling next year? How about Washington? West Virginia?

Personally, I think Fisher would be nuts to leave. A&M has an opening, frankly, because its fan base is wacky. Does Fisher want to jump into that, with fans who will think he's just a mercenary who will win or else?

Look, fans are going to be unhappy in a bad year everywhere. Fisher should adjust. He should understand that fans, in 2017, aren't just going to grin and bear it.

But the more a guy flirts with another employer, the more likely he is to take a shot one of these days. And whether it is this year or another, how will FSU feel as he leaves.

Again, it was a dreadful season for FSU. You would think that Fisher wouldn't want to leave FSU after such a disaster. But as long as he stays silent, who knows what Fisher really wants? And who knows how happy he is today? And tomorrow?

Tomorrow, another school comes calling.

Hey, Jimbo. Wake me when it's over.

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