Random Thoughts: Simpson already selling his name

by Gary Shelton on October 8, 2017 · 2 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

It's a month into the NFL season. Is that too soon to talk about the draft? CBSsports.com has the Bucs taking LSU defensive end Arden Key with the 22nd pick. That would further the LSUing of the Bucs with ex-teammates Kwon Alexander and Kendall Beckwith.

– Question: Why is Nick Folk still being served in public restaurants?

– Joe Girardi says he screwed up in Friday's loss by the Yankees. He had to. About 500,000 Yankee fans said it first.

– I see O.J. Simpson is already selling his signature on memorabilia. I wonder how much he wants for a knife, a striped suit and a bloody glove. Oh, and his Heisman.

– So, does FSU get a top 10 draft pick?

–  Cam Newton is throwing into coverage. He tried this week to apologize to Jourdan Rodrigue without, you know, mentioning her name. Yeah, that's heartfelt.

– Yes, I have heard that Rodrigue had offensive tweets years ago. That doesn't change Newton's sexism.

– I see that Peyton Manning is only the second quarterback (Brett Favre is the other) who beat every other NFL team. Good thing they didn't let the University of Floria into the NFC South.

– Aroldis Chapman evidently “likes” the idea on social media of dumping Yankees' manager Joe Girardi. When will athletes realize that twitter isn't their friend?

– Martin Gramatica, who missed 10 field goals in 2003 and who missed arguably the biggest field goal try in team history in 2000, says that Nick Folk deserves another chance. That's a hard argument if the games matter.

– I'm not sure what this double-secret blueprint of the Rays is that made them go out and get a new pitching coach, but here's a guess. Maybe they want to try something wacky like keeping the ball inside the park.

– I still love the commercial where Nick Saban gives the woman advice on buying a dress. But isn't it about time where he tells her she needs a new purse?

– It'll never happen, but Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi says the SEC would do better to dump the Mississippi schools and add USF and UCF. For the record, Mississippi State has never won an SEC title, and Ole Miss hasn't won one since 1963, back when football was in black-and-white.

– The Titans said they signed Brandon Weeden as a backup quarterback instead of Colin Kaepernick, in part, because they didn't want “the circus.” Just a guess, but I think they'd be fine with the circus if they thought they were signing a lion-tamer instead of clown.

– In a footrace, I think Peyton Manning will beat that statue of his every time. Of course, it will be a close competition.

– In four games, Tom Brady has been sacked 16 times. He was sacked all of 15 times last year. That's more times than a Kardashian.

– With Oklahoma's loss, the longest winning streak in the nation is 10 games, by Clemson … and USF.

– Trent Richardson has taken the CFL by storm. In his first carry, he gained three yards. I'm not sure, but that may be a professional career long.

– Nice to see the Lightning back on the ice Friday night. But against the Panthers? Don't the Lightning play the Panthers, like, 34 times a season?

– Rick Pitino's favorite new song: “I don't know.”

– Ran into Warren Sapp outside the Bucs' locker room the other evening. He said, “I didn't know you had to wait (before interviews).” I said, “Yeah, we had to wait so you could spread your white towel between your feet.” He said, “Well, otherwise I would have spat tobacco juice on you.”

– So, Mike Glennon had a good month, a big check and a nice view of Mitch Trubisky as he takes over the job. Nice job, Mike. Especially the part about the big check.

– Anyone have a guess as to how much down time O.J. Simpson will take before he resumes his search for the real killers?

– An item in Sbnation.com, voting for the best newcomer on each team, says the Bucs' best addition has been guard J.R. Sweezy. For those who actually are paying attention, I'd say it's Kendall Beckwith. And it's not close.

– Florida lost to LSU Saturday. I guess that proves the Gators are no Troy. Which, by the way, is an underrated movie.

– Connor Barth may be available soon. He's two-for-four on field goals, and the Bears have brought back Roberto Aguayo for a second look. No lie, although my guess is that he'll be bad from the other side, too.

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