How much do you know about the 2017 Bucs?

by Gary Shelton on September 4, 2017 · 0 comments

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How good a year will Jameils Winston have?/CARMEN MANDATO

How good of  a year will Jameils Winston have?/CARMEN MANDATO

Sunday, 4 a.m.

By now, of course, we have established that this is a site filled with wise men. I'm the guy who is fumbling for the light switch.

By now, we know that you know every zig the Bucs will take in the upcoming season, followed closely by every zag. Me? I'm playing in traffic.

So here goes then. Our first Bucs' trivia test, in which you have the opportunity to enlighten me because, let's face it, someone needs to. So let's make our choices and hang on. The smartest guy in the room gets to say “Hey, I'm the smartest guy in the room.”


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Koetter needs to have all the answers./CARMEN MANDATO

Koetter needs to have all the answers./CARMEN MANDATO

Take your No. 1 pencil (I consider the preference for No. 2 pencils one of the great upsets of our time, right behind paper beating rock) and let's go.

1. What record do you see the 2017 Bucs finishing with?

a) More than 12 wins

b) 10-12 wins

c) 7-9 wins

e) 7 wins or less.

2. Now that the Muscle Hamster is suspended and Joe Dirt is on the practice squad, what is the best nickname left on the Bucs?

a) Jaboo. (Jamies Winston)

b) Amish Rifle (Ryan Fitzpatrick)

c) Godzilla (Mike Evans)

d) Banger (Bryan Anger).

3. Doug Martin has had a 1,454-yard season, and he's had a 421-yard season. What do you expect from him after his three-game suspension.

a) More than 1,000 yards

b) around 750 yards

c) around 500 yards

d) Another suspension.

4. How many sacks will lead the Bucs?

5. Will the sack master be"

a) Noah Spence

b) Gerald McCoy

c. Robert Ayers

d. Chris Baker

6. Is newly acquired safety T.J. Ward:

a) A return payment for John Lynch

b) A return payment for Aqib Talib

c) A return payment for Jake Plummer

d) An additional payment because the Bucs took Brian Griese

7. Interceptions have been a problem for James Winston, whose thrown 33 of them in two years. This year he throws:

a) Less than 10

b) 11-15

c) 16-20

e) Enough to take 10 years off Dirk Koetter's life.

8. This year, DeSean Jackson will catch passes for :

a) 500 yards or fewer

b) 501-750 yards

c) 751-1000 yards

d) More than 1,001 yards

9. Mike Evans will catch:

a) fewer than 80 passes

b) 80 passes

c) 90 passes

d) 100 passes

10. Who will lead the Bucs in rushing?

11. The leading rusher for the Bucs will have how many yards?

12. In 2018, the Bucs will use their No. 1 draft pick on:

a) A defensive end

b) A running back.

c. An offensive lineman.

d. A placekicker.

13. If you were on a plane that was going down, which former Bucs' quarterback would you want to land safely.

a) Steve Spurrier

b) Vinny Testaverde

c) Josh Freeman

d) Trent Dilfer

14. Which player leads the Bucs in interceptions:

a) T.J. Ward

b) Keith Tandy

c) Brent Grimes

d) Vernon Hargreaves III

15. How many games does Nick Folk appear in for the Bucs this year?

16. If the Bucs defensive line was the Game of Thrones, who wins?

a) Booker Reese

b) Gaines Adams

c). Eric Curry

d) Keith McCants

17. How many passes will rookie O.J. Howard catch?

18. If the Bucs reach the playoffs, do they win their first game?

19. Who was the most underrated coach in Bucs' history

a) Leeman Bennett

b) Raheem Morris

c) Greg Schiano

d) Lovie Smith

20. Who is the worst-ever defensive back for the Bucs:

a) Rod “Toast” Jones

b) Sabby “Toast” Piscitelli

c) Mark “Toast” Barron

d) Jeremiah “Toast” Castille

21. Who is the best player in the history of the Bucs

a) Lee Roy Selmon

b) Warren Sapp

c) Derrick Brooks

d) Ronde Barber

22. Who should be the next player in the Ring of Honor:

a) Batman Wood

b) James Wilder

c) Simeon Rice

d) Warrick Dunn

23. Who would you most like to see in a Bucs' dunk tank if you had three shots.

a) Hugh Culverhouse

b) Bo Jackson

c)Ray Perkins

d) Bruce Allen

24. What will be the final score of the opener against the Dolphins?

25. How many touchdowns will Jameis Winston throw this season?

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