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by Gary Shelton on August 10, 2017 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting questions will be selected.

Thursday, 4 a.m.

Jay Cutler admits he isn’t in football shape, but do you think signing him was a good move for the Dolphins after losing Ryan Tannehill? In spite of the rumblings, would you have signed him over Colin Kaepernick?

Absolutely. I would have gone with backup Matt Moore over Kaepernick. Cutler’s abilities speak for themselves. He’s a starter.

Rarely do you have a player available of his caliber at this juncture during the season. He also has the benefit of working with his ex offensive coordinator, now the Dolphins head coach. It really couldn’t have played out better for the Fins. He fits perfectly for them.

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They don’t need their quarterback to necessarily win it for them. They have a stout defense and a top running back. In some ways he’s going to be a big upgrade. The Dolphins did a very good thing is signing Cutler and it should pay dividends for a team that is playoff caliber.

First, LaVar Ball says he could beat Michael Jordan in basketball. Now he says that he was a better tight end than Rob Gronkowski. Why do people keep handing this clown a microphone?

Because they want to be entertained. That’s what clowns do!

Former Bucs’ coach Greg Schiano says that his current Ohio State defensive line was better than his Tampa Bay defensive line in 2012.  But that Bucs’ line had Michael Bennett, Gerald McCoy, Roy Miller and Daniel Te’o-Nesheim. I’m not fond of comparing college football to pros, but is Schiano being silly here?

I think he’s just trying to make a point, but he’s probably onto something as well. The Buckeyes may be the team to beat this year. When you have the best defensive line in college football, that usually means you got a spot in the playoffs.

I remember during my days in Florida: whoever had the best defensive line between the three schools was wearing a national championship ring.

Some NFL coaches tolerate the TV show Hard Knocks better than others. With the Bucs scheduled to be on Tuesday night, can you imagine Ray Perkins when the TV cameras interrupted his practice? 

Get ready buddy, you might have see a haymaker coming from the No Fun, No Smile head coach. It would be impossible for Ray to endear himself to the public and for sure the media.

I saw some bizarre things during my time with Ray, but a lot of it was done for effect. But no, there would be no cameras at practice other than the team's, that’s for sure.

Now that NFL teams are in pads, how would you compare an offensive lineman to a defensive lineman both physically and mentally?

Two totally different makeups. For defensive linemen, I would look for explosiveness, quickness and strength. How he could disrupt a play, regardless of down. I wouldn't concern myself with technique or consistency as I would with an offensive lineman. A defensive player, more times than not, has to win with his talent. For an offensive lineman to be successful, he has to be ultra consistent and play well within the group of his other linemen.

Von Miller knows what a sack looks like. But do you agree with him that 30 in a season is possible?

Nothing is impossible, but that's highly improbable. To do that, you would have to be on fire each and every week, and your opponents would have to be totally out of synch. It would almost be like seeing an eclipse.

Marty Schottenheimer is seventh among the all-time winningest coaches, and the six ahead of him are all in the Hall of Fame. Should Schottenheimer go in even though he never won a Super Bowl?

I thought Marty was a heck of a coach, but I don’t see him in the Hall. I would put Bill Cowher in there before him, as well as Jimmy Johnson and probably some others. I respected Marty greatly, but I saw more blue collar than special. That’s me.

All-tme ranking: Give me your top five runnings backs — ever — in the NFL.
Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, O.J Simpson, Walter Payton, Earl Campbell.

It’s time for our college game. This week, give me your favorite player from Georgia. Your choices include: a) Herschel Walker; b) Fran Tarkenton; c) Jake Scott; d) AJ Greene; e). Hines Ward. Feel free to pick another player if you prefer.

Hands down, Herschel. No back was any more profile than he during his college days.

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