Random Thoughts: Ranking the new Hall of Famers

by Gary Shelton on August 6, 2017 · 0 comments

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Ranking the new members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame as to their greatness. 1. LaDainian Tomlinson; 2. Kurt Warner; 3. Terrell Davis; 4. Kenny Easley; 5. Morten Andersen; 6. Jason Taylor; 7. Jerry Jones. If there is any conversation, I will consider Jones to be 34th.

– If Josh Freeman was smart, would he have taken a knee to protest something like, well, hard work? That way, analysts would still be crying about him not being signed.

– Ranking the new members of the Baseball Hall of Fame: 1. Pudge Rodriguez; 2. Jeff Bagwell; 3. Tim Raines.

– Usain Bolt was third? Third? Isn't, like, the sky supposed to be purple or something?

– Ranking the new members of the Hockey Hall of Fame: 1. Teemu Selanne; 2. Dave Andreychuk; 3. Paul Kariya; 4. Marc Recchi; 5. Danielle Goyette; 6. Jeremy Jacobs; 7. Clare Drake.

– If the Dolphins indeed sign Jay Cutler to be their new quarterback, they shouldn't do it on a sheet of paper. A white towel sounds about right.

– A reminder: Miami backup Matt Moore started only three games in 2016, but he had double the number of wins that Kaepernick had. Again, we aren't talking about Tom Brady. We're talking about Marcia Brady.

– The Cincinnati Reds are giving away a Game of Thrones' dragon bobblehead. Maybe they could give away a detachable Eddard Stark head.

– Ranking the new members of the Basketball Hall of Fame (Nasmith):1. Bill Self; 2. Rebecca Lobo; 3, George McGinnis; 4. Muffet McGraw 5. Robert Hughes; 6. Manny Jackson; 7. Tom Jerndedt; 8.Zack Clayton ; 9. Nick Galis; 10. Jerry Krause; 11. Tracy McGrady.

– Heaven gets blamed for a lot these days. War, famine, pestilence, locust. But when Shaquille O'Neal says it was the man upstairs, that's simply too much.

– Ranking the new members of the Rock n" Roll Hall of Fame: 1. Pearl Jam; 2. Joan Baez; 3. ELO; 4. Tupac Shakur; 5. Journey.

– Let's see. Seattle considered signing Colin Kaepernick. Baltimore considered signing Kaepernick. The Dolphins might yet sign Kaepernick. Is it just me, or is this the worst blackballing in history?

– LaVar Ball has run out of stupid comments to make about the NBA, and in particular Michael Jordan. Now he says he was a much better tight end that Rob Gronkowski. When you finish laughing, consider that ex-teammate Kenny McEntyre says Ball was “garbage.” Next, I suppose that we'll here that Ball was a better singer than Stevie Wonder, a better hockey player than Wayne Gretzky and a better artist than Rembrandt.

– If I'm Steph Curry, I'm pretty pleased with my pro golf debut. But who is this hacker named Woods they paired me with?

– Speaking of Curry, after he shot his first 74 at the Ellie Mae Classic (is there a Jethro Classic?), South Africa's Dawie van der Walt said he would “eat his golf bag” if Curry broke 80 the next day. Curry shot another 74. Bon appetit.

– Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger has played nine seasons with a top 10 defense. Tom Brady has played six. Peyton Manning played five. And Aaron Rodgers has played two. The guy should sue for non-support.

– Did Hugh Freeze ever compare notes with Rick Pitino?

– Just for fun, look for Jimbo Fisher to pull his name out of the next LSU head football coaching search.

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