Random thoughts: Venus loses to What’s-her-name

by Gary Shelton on July 16, 2017 · 0 comments

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There is a reason that Venus Williams was so gracious after losing Wimbledon Saturday. As it turns out, she read the fine print so she actually knew who Garbine Muguruza was. I think.

– It isn't just Alex Colome. Yankees' reliever Aroldis Chapman, four months into an $86 million(five year) contract, has blown three saves since June 26 and has a swollen 3.92 ERA. He faced five batters Friday and didn't get any of them out.

– Think a bad call fires you up? How about Karen Kuldys, who would have won $1 million if Toronto's Martese Jackson had gotten credit for a kickoff return. But a phantom penalty occurred far from the ball, negating the score. All together: Yeah, right.

– Do the Tampa Bay Bucs remind you of a 10-year-old girl? They evidently remind CBSsports.com of one. The website tried to match each NFL team with a Game of Thrones character. The Bucs didn't get the Hound or the Mountain; they got Lyanna Mormont. And suddenly, the playoffs look harder,

– When I heard former NFL star Charles Hayley say that Zak Prescott “reminded me of Montana.” I thought it was interesting. Personally, I would have said Delaware.

– According to Spotrac.com, the Lightning now has 18 millionaires on its playing roster. Perhaps the Bolt should be changed to dollar sign.

– Will the NFL playoffs have room for the Bucs? Maybe. According to CBSsports.com, five teams – Miami, Houston, the Giants, Detroit and Kansas City – won't return to the post-season this year. That means five newcomers will.

– The Bucs won't have to play against Minnesota's Michael Floyd, who will be suspended for their game. Floyd, evidently, will spend the day with Earl Grey.

– Could Texas A&M replace coach Kevin Sumlin with … Chip Kelly? Isn't that a move toward the basement?

– Wasn't it nice to see footage of Ronda Rousey's face without someone's foot in it?

– Nice to see that Kobe Bryant got a new tattoo with the names of his children included. Of course, if Antonio Cromatie tried that, he'd be green. Cromartie has 12 kids with nine women.

– CBSBoston.com has a nice piece that discusses the writers in a hurry to bury Tom Brady. One of them, Sam Monson of ProFootballfocus.com (the website that guesses), wrote three years ago that Brady was no longer a top five quarterback. Since then, he's won two Super Bowls and thrown for 97 touchdowns. Well, oops.

– Remember all those glowing comments the Bucs had about their offensive line? According to USAToday.com, they were hooey. The website ranks the Bucs as the 26th-best offensive line in the league. In other words, the site thinks Jameis Winston might as well be protected by the Spice Girls.

– So you can buy 10 of J.J. Watt's sneakers for the price of two of LaVar Ball's. And you don't have to listen to Watt crow while you do it.

– Vanderbilt? Someone voted for Vanderbilt to win the SEC championship? In what? Debate? Those who have never heard of Alabama had other support. Both South Carolina and Arkansas got votes.

–  Ole Miss' head outlaw, Hugh Freeze, used the old dodge this week that he “couldn't talk” about the investigation against him. This just in: Unless the judge issues a gag order, a defendant is within his rights to talk, especially if he thinks he's wrongly accused. Freeze had nothing to say because “I'm guilty as sin” doesn't play well on the 6 o'clock news

– Now that Tom Brady, after a two-year wait, has been admitted to the County Country Club, will he face hazing from the older members? Will he have to wear shorts and suspenders? After all, the club banned Jewish people until the 1970s, women until 1989, black people until 1994 and Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks until 2017. I can't wait til Brady goes all Caddyshack.

– The Bucs seem to have value only to those in Tampa Bay. According to Forbes, the Bucs are the world's 43rd most valuable franchise, and 28th among NFL teams. That puts them behind the Jets, Jaguars and Browns. Neither the Rays nor the Lightning made the list.

– Glad to see Olympian Gil Roberts was cleared of steroid use after kissing his girlfriend. As for the girlfriend? Who knew that Maybelline made a “Brian Bosworth Candy-Apple Red” lip glass? Not to mention “Tony Mandarich Hot Pink.”

– O.J. Simpson, 70, might get out of jail this week. Predicted first words: “Where are my damn gloves?”

– The Red Sox will cut ties with Pablo Sandoval, eating $50,000,000 to do so. Turns out, only Sandoval could eat that much, although he would allow it to be wrapped in bacon.

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