Random thoughts: Winston has to rank higher

by Gary Shelton on June 18, 2017 · 0 comments

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According to the Sporting News, Jameis Winston is the number (cough) 17 quarterback in the NFL. That isn't that much higher than the Bears' Mike Glennon (27th) and the Jets' Josh McCown (32nd). Among the quarterbacks the website likes better are Eli Manning, Dak Prescott, Alex Smith and Marcus Mariota. All of that's kind of harsh for the nation's 19th-ranked website.

– As the local websites continue to pound the drum for Colin Kaepernick, let me repeat. Kapernick isn't being blackballed because there are a ton of reasons to say no to him before it ever gets to that stage. Kaepernick won three games his last two years, folks. He's an unconventional quarterback who is over-salaried. I'll be honest. His protests don't bother me. His inability does.

– This just in: ex-Buc quarterback Josh Freeman thinks he was blackballed because the league has an issue with an awful quarterback.

– Trent Dilfer? Ditto.

– Olympian Michael Phelps will race against a great white shark on Shark Week. Throw Ryan Lochte into the pool, and you've got pay-per-view. Hi, chum!

– Speaking of Phelps vs. the shark, didn't you like it better when Fonzie jumped over one on his motorcycle?

– LeVar Ball now says he'd make Michael Jordan cry if they played one-on-one. Hey, I'm tearing up just reading about it.

– If Rick Pitino could have hooked up with the Coastal Carolina cheerleaders, just think of the money he could have saved.

– The most famous slow white Bronco since John Elway has found a home. The owner of the car that Al Cowlings used for the world's slowest police chase in 1994 has reached an agreement with the Alcatraz East Crime Museum to be displayed.

– Didn't Richard Sherman tell people he wasn't going to talk anymore? Someone should have gotten it in writing.

– In his new statue outside of the Great American Ballpark, Pete Rose is either sliding into first or trying to grab a betting slip that blew off of his desk. I can't tell which.

– Lovie Smith, the ex-Bucs coach, has the fourth-toughest schedule in America, according to CBS Sports. No word if the Illlini rank that high because, you know, Lovie is coaching them.

– Look, the Lightning may be better off now that it's traded Jonathan Drouin, but are you weary of hearing all of these new criticisms of him you never heard before?

– The new NFL overtime rule may cause a major change. According to stats, 22 of the 83 overtime games since 2012 went beyond the new 10-minute limit. No wonder Dean Blandino, the ex-head of officiating, would just can the whole process.

– According to theSpun.com, FSU vs. Alabama will be the second highest ticket price of the year, with a projected “get-in price” of $396. The most expensive ticket will be Georgia vs. Notre Dame for $420. I think I'll watch both from my couch.

– An internet site, stylegoop.com (really), has ranked Tiger Woods top 10 mistresses. No work from the 4,982 who were left out, but I understand they're ticked.

– Is it too early to predict the college bowl season? Sportingnews.com doesn't think so. It has Miami playing Colorado in the Sum Bowl, UCF playing Louisiana Tech in the St. Pete Bowl, USF playing Auburn in the Peach Bowl, Wisconsin playing Florida in the Citrus Bowl, FSU playing USC in the Rose Bowl (and playoff semifinal). Pop your corn early.

– Speaking of college football, Sportingnews.com says USF quarterback Quinton Flowers will be the ninth-best quarterback in college football this year. FSU quarterback Deondre Francois will be 11th.

– Let's don't say that Gedvydas Vainauskas is racist (he is). Let's just say that his name is Lithuanian for “Donald Sterling.”

– Michael Floyd says he tested positive for alcohol because he was drinking kombucha tea. And if the tea didn't get him, the Girl Scout cookies might have.

– Just wondering: How popular would Lonzo Ball be if his father wasn't a moron?

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