Random Thoughts: Souza’s flop was amusing

by Gary Shelton on May 28, 2017 · 2 comments

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Could Roberto Aguayo miss a field goal so wide the Steven Souza couldn't leap to catch it? Greg Louganis never had a dive like that one.

– Maybe it's just me, but I would have thought it would have been a hoot if Souza got up, looked at the camera and said “live....from New York. It's Saturday Night!”

– If Shaq O'Neal becomes a sherriff, would Penny Hardaway be his Barney Fife?

– Brandon Jacobs said Jim Harbaugh didn't know what he was doing while he was with the 49ers, despite the 44 wins in four years and three NFC championship games. Let's see: The 49ers were lousy before he came, and lousy after he left. I gotta go with Harbaugh on this one.

– Here's a guess. In the Lynch invasion in the San Francisco bay area, I like John over Marshawn.

– Fred McGriff can't get in the Hall of Fame, but Homer Simpson can? Who's next, Bugs Bunny? Peter Griffin?

– Is it just me, but is the longest-running show on TV that Foxsports.com feature on Brad Miller. I love when they cut off the post-game show for another showing of the taped special from last year.

– The Sportingnews listed its all-disappointment team. Personally, I think Brad Miller was robbed by his omission.

– It's good that the NFL has relaxed its rule against celebrations following touchdowns. Now starring as Hamlet: Antonio Brown.

– The shocking headline of the week was in  the Sportingnews.com. It says “Hernandez was miserable in prison.” Not to be hard-hearted, but isn't that kind of the point?

– Auburn, evidently, is considering a move to the SEC East. The cost would be the annual Iron Bowl game against Alabama. Which would probably be the stupidest move since Nebraska pulled out of the Oklahoma rivalry.

– Former Bucs' running back Michael Bennett is headed to prison for identity theft. Bennett started only one game with Tampa Bay, which means he probably should have lifted the identity of, say, Warrick Dunn.

– The Cleveland Browns have hired Ryan Grigson, who was the second guy to spend a No. 1 pick on Trent Richardson. That's sort of like re-signing Johnny Manziel.

– According the Thespun.com, Notre Dame is the most hated college program in America. Alabama is second. FSU is ranked ninth, evidently because Jameis Winston went there. Somehow, the alma maters of O.J. Simpson, Aaron Herndandez, Billy Cannon and Lawrence Phillips don't rank.

– I think the worst walk-up song in baseball would be “Lola” by the Kinks. I think the second worst is “Space Jam” for Steven Souza.

– The good thing about FAU coach Lane Kiffin offering a scholarship to seventh-grader Kadin Martin? He can pick a better school before Spongebob comes on.

– Bill Laimbeer, the former bad boy of the Detroit Pistons, says he'd take LeBron James over Michael Jordan. Which makes one of him.

– You know how you can tell LaVar Ball's BigBaller shoes? It has extra tongue.

– People in Orlando are upset because Kevin Durant referred to Orlando as one of the dregs of the league. “Like I'm the reason why (expletive) Orlando couldn't make the playoffs for five, six years in a row.” The reason they're upset is, well, the accuracy of it.

– My buddy Greg Cote of the Miami Herald had a moving piece, writing that as many as eight former players from the Dolphins' perfect season have suffered from brain trauma, an imperfect ending. No matter how good the living is, it's a tough way to make it.

– The reason Rashad McCants was an NBA bust? He blames Kloe Kardashian. Right. Because she kept blocking his shot.

– Victor Cruz says there was a conspiracy to get him out of New York. Victor, that happens when your contract is bigger than your performance, buddy.

– Davis Love III said Tiger Woods can make it back because Peyton Manning did it. On the other hand, Manning had a lot better defense than Woods does when he won his last Super Bowl.

– Yeah, the Bucs blew the reason that social media exists. It exists to look up old Gary Larsen cartoons.

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