Random thoughts: The history of the 19th pick isn’t good

by Gary Shelton on April 9, 2017 · 0 comments

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Not to frighten anyone, but there is this. By the 19th pick, Charles McRae was gone. And Keith McCants and Eric Curry and Josh Freeman and Trent Dilfer. However, Kyle Boller went 19th. And Ashly Lelie and Ja'waun James and Jeff Otah.

– Yikes.

– While interviewing with a nameless team, Kutztown's Jordan Morgan says he was asked to participate in … a staring contest. Morgan's formal interviews were against the Titans, Falcons, Chiefs, Seahawks and Bucs. So when it's third and one, and a team needs its quarterback to stare a hole through the inside linebacker, Morgan's the man. No response on whether he can wiggle his ears, too.

– Speaking of odd interviews, Miami tight end David Njoku said the staff of one team refused to shake his hand and asked him “where does the sun rise and where does it set?” One thought: If a player is watching the sun rise, he's been out too late.

– The Seattle Mariners are serving toasted grasshoppers at their games. Which is definitely going to change the lyrics to Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Give me some peanuts and roasted bug, I don't care if you give me a hug.

– Tim Tebow homered in his first minor-league at bat, which is a miracle that is better than healing the blind but not as good as the loaves and fishes.

– Levar Ball, knucklehead, now says “three white guys” are the reason that UCLA lost. As Cris Carter points out, two of those “white guys” had more points than Lonzo Ball, Levar's somewhat embarrassed kid.

– The Sporting News says that Bo Jackson was the worst draft pick the Bucs ever made, which wonders if someone has brains made of cabbage. Look it up: Trading a No. 1 for Booker Reese was by far worse. That No. 1 could have been Dan Marino right after Doug Williams bolted. Jackson was a great athlete; the problem wasn't drafting him, it was not signning him.

– By the way, the Bucs' Lee Roy Selmon was the seventh-best draft pick taken, according the website. Peyton Manning was first, but I wonder how that's better than spending a sixth-rounder on Tom Brady. Just me.

– Aaron Rodgers has broken up with Olivia Munn. Aaron Rodgers stays loyal to Mike McCarthy. Aaron Rodgers misread the coverage.

– Texas A&M receiver Kirk Merritt, evidently, likes the fly pattern. He's open.

– I don't know the origin of the prostitution involvement by the Coastal Carolina cheerleaders. I just know they charge more than “two bits, four bits.”

– No one knows quite for sure who owned the Masters' green jacket that is being auctioned off, but it's supposed to bring in $31,000 (it was bought for five bucks). Personally, my guess is that Tiger Woods left it in the supply closet at Perkins when he, um, placed his order.

– Charles Oakley had the tweet of the week. When Dennis Rodman criticized Lebron James for resting, Oakley said “you weren't a tough guy...Mr. Wedding Dress.” No, but he looked lovely on the cake.

– Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather the Bucs bring in Richard Nixon than Joe Mixon to visit.

– Miami's worst-ever draft pick, according the Sporting News, was Eric Kumerow. Compared to Dion Jordan, Kumerow was a star.

– Bubba Watson stepped on a few toes when he suggested that golf was hard and sportswriting was easy. Which prompted my old buddy Jeff Schultz to recall last year when his Bubbaness scolded a fan by saying “you're not supposed to be back here” in the rough. The fan responded “Neither are you.”

– Evidently, humor is harder than both writing and golf for Bubba.

– Tom Brady fed magician David Blaine a piece of glass. Which might have been the tastiest thing served in the Brady kitchen.

– Las Vegas is taking bets for the first time on the NFL draft. A shame. I would have loved to have heard a dealer yell “bust” when the Bucs took Kenyatta Walker.

–The Saints are the favorite to land Richard Sherman, followed by the Titans, Cowboys and Raiders. The Falcons are fifth, meaning oddsmakers think there is a good shot of Jameis Winston throwing against Sherman, who will be too busy talking about why he's not talking to cover anyone.

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