Random thoughts: Greg Hardy’s career hits the bottom

by Gary Shelton on April 1, 2017 · 0 comments

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I'm not sure that things can get any worse for Greg Hardy, NFL leper. Now he's been voted off the team by the mighty Utah Screaming Eagles.

– Isn't that kind of like Milli Vanilli not being allowed in a karaoke bar?

– This just in: David, Joe Namath and Buster Douglas are all very impressed with Morgan William, the new poster child for underdogs.

– Frank Martin's team lost Saturday night. I'm not sure he did't win March Madness, though.

– Once again, there will be no Tiger Woods for the Masters. No Sam Snead, either, which may be a bigger headline. Strange, but I covered the last Tiger Woods' Masters. As I recall, it was played in black and white.

– San Diego won't use the nickname Footy McFooty Face, but begs the question: Why was it up for a vote, anyway?

– Well, Dion Jordan made a lasting footprint, right?

– The things that are bothering NFL teams about Colin Kaepernick: 1. Commitment, 2. Price, 3. Controversy, 4. Diet, 5. Style, 6. Ability.

– I'd vote: ability.

– As it turns out, Nick Franklin was not the next Ben Zobrist. He was more like the next Brent Abernathy.

– Deshaun Watson can't go to a bar in Tuscaloosa? I guess he'll have to settle for the end zone. Alabama players couldn't stop him then.

– Something to keep in mind. In the CBS Fantasy football rankings, Mike Evans is 2nd, DeShaun Jackson 63rd and Jameis Winston 72nd. Doug Martin is still 89th, if you're wondering.

– Jets' cornerback Buster Skrine says “you can't rebuild in New York.” Which leads us to wonder, what have the Jets been doing for 48 years?

– Authorities say that prostitiution has been on the rise in Phoenix during the Final Four. Just wondering, but how is Louisville's recruiting going?

– Does anyone know if the odds of LeVar Ball winning the Masters are better than him winning Wimbledon? And what are the chances he wins both?

– The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that Chad Ochocinco signed with the Mexican Football League. So that's why Trump wants to build a wall.

– I wonder how Terrell Owens feels about Tracy McGrady joining the Hall of Fame.

– Phil Mickelson has been compared to some all timers over the years. But Pete Rose?

– Albert Lord, numbskull, says he's “running out of symathy” for victims of Jerry Sandusky, pervert. Oh, shut up.

– Ranking the dynasties: 1. The Mings. 2. Uconn women's basketball. 3. The Cartwrights. 4. Perry Mason.

– Tom Brady picked up a $14 million bonus. And, no, he doesn't owe the Patriots a dime of change.

– In case you're comparing, Dion Jordan had three sacks. Booker Reese had two.

–With the Rays playing today, you'll probably look to the wonderfully named Montgomery Biscuits every now and then. But there are other great names. According to USA Today, you also have the New Orleans Baby Cakes, the El Paso Chihuahuas, the Lansing Lugnuts, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies and the Albuquerque Isotopes.

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