Random Thoughts: Force wasn’t Strong in Charlie

by Gary Shelton on November 27, 2016 · 0 comments

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Charlie Strong's first recruits will be juniors and seniors next season. He won't be with them. Goodbye, Charlie.

– I think the runner was short, too, Coach Harbaugh.

– So this was the plan that LSU had all along? Didn't Ed Orgeron lose as many games as Les Miles this year?

– I guess cutting Josh Norman has really worked out for the Carolina Panthers, huh?

– Four more losses, and Jeff Fisher becomes the NFL coach with the most losses. Fisher hasn't had a winning season since 2008. I wonder if Dan Reeves, who holds the record, will show up and stalk the sidelines.

– John Madden hates Thursday night football. I guess he's really going to hate the upcoming Tuesday night, 3 a.m., games.

– This in on the Colin Kaepernick protests: Miami Herald columnist Amando Salguera called Kaepernick a hypocrite for ignoring the social shortcomings of Fidel Castro, who Kaepernick featured on a t-shirt. (I have a Super Mario Brothers t-shirt. Did he oppress anyone?)

– The Sporting News rated the seven most hated college football teams of all time, and it had a Florida flavor. Included on the list were the 1986 Miami Hurricanes, the 1996 Florida Gators and the 2014 FSU Seminoles. What? No hate for USF?

– After writing that Troy Aikman is gay in one of his books, Skip Bayless says he is “dumbfounded” that Aikman is upset. I think that word is too long by “founded.”

– ESPN no longer has Dalvin Cook in the top 10 of their Heisman race. I'm not saying Cook should be first, of course, but he's behind two plalyers from Oklahoma. Really?

– Right now, the Bucs would draft ninth in next year's draft. Whee.

– How can you tell that Tiger Woods has been away from golf for a long time? Some of his groupies have blue hair.

– I don't know if to believe this or not, but Radar.com says that O.J. Simpson is incontinent, and that his cellmates have nicknamed him “Stinky.” Gee. That gives us something else to rhyme with “acquit.”

– In a list of the 10 worst guys in NFL history, O.J. Simpson ranks fifth. Adrian Peterson ranks second. Wow.

– Jared Cook says he found a turkey head – beak and all – in a takeout order from Buffalo Wild Wings. So what kind of sauce do you use on a turkey head?

– I still find the new Most Interesting Man in the world kind of, well, dull.

– Why did Lindsay Vonn leave Tiger Woods for a Rams' assistant coach? He's a better golfer.

– Did Jim Harbaugh plagarize Jimbo Fisher's post-game comments about officials?

– Buffalo's Richie Incognito gained 9.4 pounds during his Thanksgiving dinner. Some of it, evidently, was not in his head.

– Some other fighters think Ronda Rousey's next fight will be her last. And here I was hoping she'd take on Flo the insurance salesman.

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