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by Gary Shelton on November 17, 2016 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting questions will be selected.

Thursday, 5 a.m.

Tony Romo gave a heartfelt speech yesterday in which he accepted being Dak Prescott’s backup for this season. Does that say something about Romo in your eyes?

Yes, it does. It tells me he puts the team first and that's what real players do. Nobody likes being demoted or asked to do something that doesn’t totally benefit them. But there are times players have to take a back seat and again in the name of the team.

Romo showed a lot a class and in his own way has made his team better, because there will be no divisiveness in the locker room, which is where the team's chemistry is built.

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The Rams are planning to start rookie Jared Goff on Sunday, which is different from what the Eagles did with Carson Wentz. Which is the better course of action?

Naturally, the more a young quarterback is allowed to see from the sidelines is the preferred scenario. His chances to succeed are much better when he’s thrown into the fire. It just makes sense.

What Wentz and Prescott are doing is quite amazing. Goff should be as ready to go as he can possible be. I think the Rams did the right thing. It just a shame they didn’t have a better veteran quarterback in place while they waited on Goff.

It’s no secret that coaches are on the hot seat this time of year, but do Mike McCarthy and Mike Tomlin deserve to be on the list?

All coaches who aren’t meeting expectations are on the proverbial hot seat. Both those guys are top coaches. They’ve proven that, but sometimes fans and owners get asinine and their patience runs out.

It’s a case where they just get bored and want change. The old saying, “What did you do for me lately” applies here.

Robert Griffin III is ready to return for the Cleveland Browns. Is that a good thing or not for the future of the franchise?

It’s a terrible thing. They guy is a bust! He proved it in Washington and again in Cleveland.

The worst thing about him is he can’t stay healthy. What good is a Ferrari if it’s always in the garage?

The world doesn’t seem as angered by performance-enhancing drugs these days, but it was disappointing when Alshon Jeffrey was suspended by the Bears. What are your thoughts?

For a player to be tested positive for anything is simply stupid. He either has a real problem or he is just a moron.

In either case he’s bad for business. How do you go forward and reward this guy with a huge contract knowing he is a loose cannon?

The Minnesota Vikings have lost four straight games now. Are they out of players, or was that start a mirage?

It was a mirage. When you watch them play, they aren’t a good football team making mistakes. They simply aren’t a good team.

They have no offense to speak of and their defense isn’t dominating as it once was. Injuries are part of the game. Sometimes they impact teams greatly and sometimes they don’t.

In the Vikes' case, they look like a team that is limping to the finish line. Unfortunately when they get there they will be alone.

There has been a lot of conversation about full-time officials lately, especially from Saints head coach Sean Peyton. Would you hire officials full-time, or compromise with 2-3 crews. Or stay the same?

Stay the same. Doing anything different won’t change what’s going on with the game.

Keep in mind, that instant replay has been expanded to the point that all officials have a safety net.

You can’t legislate common sense and the mistakes officials make that incite coaches and fans and errors made in judgment. Making them full-time will not change that.

Who do you like the win the NFC South? The  AFC South? The NFC North?


In this week’s best -of-the-franchise discussion, we discuss the best player ever for the San Diego Chargers. Was it:

a) Dan Fouts

b) Junior Seau

c) Lance Alworth

d) Ladainian Tomlinson

e) Kellen Winslow

Wow, all great players. I’m going with Junior. He was an absolute terror. He was the best three-down player in football during his tenure.

Jerry’s picks

Tampa Bay at Kansas City

I hope the Bucs enjoyed their win over the Bears, because they are back to the old Bucs when they get to Arrowhead.

Green Bay at Washington

I’m going with the Pack. After being humiliated by the Titans they can’t lose this game and won’t.

Houston at Oakland

The Raiders aren’t going to lose this one. They will have their way with an overrated Texan team.

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