Random thoughts: Just 108 more years to wait

by Gary Shelton on November 6, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 5:30 a.m.

This just in: The Chicago Cubs are going to be fierce in the year 2124. You know, in another 108 years.

– Dallas' Dez Bryant says he has “between 3,000 and 3,500” pairs of Jordan's. Which means that together, we have some 3,502 pairs of sneakers. Also this: if Bryant wears a pair of day, he could go almost 10 years without a repeat. And, even at a discount, we're talking about the price of a luxury car.

– I wonder what Kirby Hocutt thought about the Texas A&M game?

– Someone gave Rex Ryan a ticket to the Cubs' victory and he left? Lame, Rexy. Lame.

– The Hall of Fame waited far too long to induct Kenny Stabler. Now they won't give him a jacket or a ring (because he's deceased). So if they give a player a ring and he dies in six months, does he have to give it back?

– Sweet story about Darel Sterner, the 85-year-old Cubs fan who held on just long enough to see the Cubs win the World Series. Would it have been better if the team won next year, or the year after, so he could live longer?

– Now running the ball for the Tampa Bay Bucs...Lars Tate.

– The Sporting News says Butch Davis is the leading candidate for the new FIU coach. Which is sort of like getting back into coaching in the worst possible way.

– The New York Post says Alabama's Nick Sabah wants the New York Giants' job. News flash: Saban has a better job than the Giants have.

– Listening to Takeo Spikes, it hit me that we've officially run out of analysts. I thought he was gargling with Grape Nuts.

– He's long gone, but I still want Bobby Bonilla's agent. The rundown? He hasn't played for the Mets since 1999, but the team has paid him $7.16 million since 2011. They still owe him $22.67 million. Not bad for a guy ranked as the 63rd best third baseman in the Jaffe WAR Score system.

– Donald Trump says there are two reasons that NFL ratings are down. People are paying more attention to politics and they're protesting Colin Kaepernick's protest. Also: Hillary has rigged the ratings.

– If they played Sunday at a neutral site, would you pick the Bucs or the Browns?

– Michael Vick ranks his top three quarterbacks in the NFL: Tom Brady, Drew Brees and ... Trevor Siemean? Huh? Vick bypassed Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Derek Carr, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Eli Manning, Carson Wentz, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. Among others.

– USA Today projects the Bucs to finish at 4-12 this season. As bad as the Bucs have been, there have been only eight worst records in team history.

– This is real: The Binghamton Mets have changed their name ... to the Rumble Ponies. One of the other options: The Stud Muffins.

– Cincinnati Bearcats coachTommy Tuberville told a heckler to go to hell. He was talking, of course, about that little town in Michigan, where soon-to-be-fired coaches go.

– Sports Illustrated has cast the inevitable Chicago Cubs movie. Playing Joe Maddon is Bradley Whitford. No word on who would play Ben Zobrist, but how about Zach Braff?

–Good thing the Harvard Men's Soccer team forfeited their last two games. Next season, the team will come back as the "Trumps."

– So what would be the Bucs' victory of the year? The close win over Atlanta, the win in Carolina over Derek Anderson or the win in San Francisco over Colin Kaepernick. I can hardly wait for the highlight film.

– Question: Now that they've won it, do you think Cubs fans will become as obnoxious as Red Sox fans? Or is that even possible?

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