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by Gary Shelton on November 3, 2016 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting questions will be selected.

Thursday, 4 a.m.

By now, I’m used to Bill Belichick looking as if he got the worst of a trade and seeing the Patriots prosper. But how do you read the Patriots-Browns swap?

Until the Patriots start losing, all their trades work for the betterment of their team, regardless of how it looks from the outside. That’s the theme of any trade.

Most of the time when they make trades like this, it is to stay out in front. What I mean by that is, they probably tried to negotiate with the player for an extension and felt it wasn’t going to happen. So rather than wait until the season is over and get nothing for him, they made the trade now.

Few teams could or would do this, because you are potentially hurting your chances of winning presently, but Belichick has tenure. He can do things like this without the risk most coaches would have to take. They're a great

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organization, because they can operate outside the box and make it work.

The Bucs induct John Lynch into their Ring of Honor Thursday night. How important was Lynch to those great defenses of the Bucs?

In my opinion, there were four players who were the catalyst for the success of those great Bucs teams, John Lynch was one of them. What he brought to the team, both on and off the field, can’t be measured. He is a true Hall Of Fame player, who will be a model for any player, regardless of his position.

Who do you think the mid-season MVP of the NFL is?

Right now it would be Matt Ryan. He is having a special season and his team is as good as any in the NFC. He is having his best season as a pro.

He looks much more mature and is handling the adversity that every team experiences very well. That’s not always been the case for Ryan, but right now he is playing like an elite quarterback.

Fans always want teams to go for it, but with 66 seconds to go and the ball on their own 12, I thought Dirk Koetter played it right by getting to the locker room with a lead Sunday. Your thoughts? Should they have at least taken one shot?

He absolutely did the right thing. They had the lead and why would he do anything to make his quarterback look bad by doing something dumb with the ball?

Remember, most games are lost on Sunday, not won. The key to most all games is not to beat yourself. If you can do that, you have a chance to win.

I’m not a fan of teams dumping coordinators halfway through the season. It usually strikes me as scapegoating. What was your take on the dismissal of Greg Olson in Jacksonville?

I agree with you in most cases, but the Jaguar situation is a little different. They have to win now or the head coach is gone.

Their offense has been abysmal. Personally I think it has to do more with the quarterback than the coach, but we all know you can’t fire the player. That happens with the next head coach, not the one who drafted him.

Tony Dungy has said that Cam Newton doesn’t need to be the one pleading his case on illegal hits. So is Newton whining or does he have a point?

Newton is whining. We all know after that press conference after the Super Bowl, he can’t handle real adversity.

He still has a lot of growing up to do. He’s better than he was than his first two years in the NFL, but he certainly has more maturing before he becomes the leader he needs to be for his team.

Percy Harvin is coming out of retirement to rejoin Buffalo. What should the expectations be of Harvin?

He'll be counted on to give them a big play dimension. He is an exceptional talent and one of the better receivers I’ve ever seen after the catch.

He has great skills, but Percy is a real head case and has a lot of demons that seem to control him. That’s bad  news for him and the team that has him. That's been his past. Hopefully for the Bills, it’s not his future.

Andre Johnson — Yes or no on his Hall of Fame chances.

Why not? The guy was incredible with no real quarterback for his entire career. A great talent, highly productive, a great competitor and a great teammate. What else do you need to qualify?

In today’s best-of-the franchise voting, we’re up to the Philadelphia Eagles. Their best-ever player is.

a) Steve Owens

b) Donavan McNabb

c) Reggie White

d) Chuck Bednarik

e) Brian Dawkins

I saw Chuck Bednarik play, he was the face of the team and a two way performer. I’d put his statue right next to Rocky’s.

Jerry’s picks

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

I’m going with the Falcons. The Bucs winning at home seems to be almost impossible.

Jets at Dolphins

The Jets. I think they found themselves and won’t let their own quarterback, Fitzpatrick, beat them.

Bills at Seahawks

This one is an easy one. The Hawks are not going to lose  two in a row.

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