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by Gary Shelton on October 28, 2016 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting questions will be selected.

Friday, 6 a.m.

The Giants admit they messed up in the Josh Brown situation. Shouldn’t the NFL admit the same?

It’s too early to say what anybody should have done until all the facts are out. Right now, it doesn’t look good for either the Giants or the league.

I think we all thought this was an issue that was resolved in terms of protocol and punishment. It’s an automatic six-game suspension. I thought the Giants used a curious word in describing their actions: "Misguided." So, we’ll just wait and see how misguided they were.

This was supposed to be a turnaround year for Jacksonville, but already, the media is comparing Blake Bortles to Byron Leftwich and Blaine Gabbert. Can Bortles improve his play? Can the Jags?

Players can improve. Sometimes it takes longer than expected.

It’s unfortunate for the Jags, because if they don’t turn it around they will have a new head coach and another system for a struggling quarterback. The new head coach won’t be as forgiving or patient with him, because his destiny is not tied to him. He failed with one head coach and the new coach isn’t going to make the same mistake if Bortles doesn’t turn it around quickly.

This is another case of why it’s so tough drafting and developing quarterbacks.

Who has been the better quarterback this year? Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz?

You have to go with Prescott so far. The Cowboys are 5-1 and mostly due to his play. He’s given the Cowboys an identity. He has special leadership skills, that are transcending throughout the team, particularly on game day.

What has Matt Stafford of Detroit learned about playing quarterback lately? He’s impressive.

Stafford has been the beneficiary of being in a system that understands him and he is becoming more and more confident in it and in himself. They go hand-in-hand.

He has a lot of playing history under his belt. He has been good and bad over his career. He is maturing and has had the luxury of staying pretty healthy throughout his career, particularly as of late. He’s not an elite quarterback, but one you can win with if you continue to run a balanced attack. He has proven that if the onus is on him each week to win it, it’s not going to happen. The Lions are competitive and can be a potential playoff contender if he continues to play well.

The AFC West has three two-loss football teams. Is it the best division in football?

I think so, each and every one of those teams can win on any given Sunday. All of them won last week. They all have good quarterbacks and they play hard. You can’t understate the effort these teams are giving each week. When teams play the hard, good things happen.

After watching Colin Kaepernick play against the Bucs, I was amazed at his regression. What happened to his arm?

He has regressed partly due to coaching changes, injuries and loss of confidence. There is no more spark to him. He looks lost. He has been under a lot of scrutiny and unfortunately hasn’t handled it well. He and the Niners need to part ways. It’s time and hopefully Kaepernick can get himself back on course. The road he’s on right now might be a dead end. He’s going to need a lot of support and in a situation, where people believe in him. That’s going to take a lot for that to happen at this point given his situation.

Four players have passed 200 yards rushing in back to back weeks: O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams and now Jay Ajayi. How do players like Ajayi slip through the cracks?

I can’t say for sure, but there are a handful of players who reached Canton’s Hall Of Fame who were drafted late or not at all. It’s hard to project what players will be at the next level. Sometimes they find themselves in a great situation, as I’m sure Ajayi feel he has. and things just come together.

In today’s best-of-the-franchise question, we have the Oakland Raiders. Is their best-ever player:

a) Jim Plunkett

b) Marcus Allen

c) Fred Belitnikoff

d) Willie Brown

e) Gene Upshaw

Marcus Allen, a very multi talented player that had to be accounted for.

Jerry’s picks

L.A. Raiders at Tampa Bay Bucs

I’m going with the Bucs. They have their offense going and that’s what’s going to carry the day in this one.

Green Bay at Atlanta

The Falcons need to get back on track and no place better to do it, than at home.

Arizona at Carolina

I’m going with Carolina. I don’t think they think they are out of it yet. But this one is crucial if they are going to make a run at the playoffs.

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