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by Gary Shelton on October 27, 2016 · 6 comments

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Thursday, 4 a.m.

What we are electing is only the leader of the free world.

Sports, of course, is more important than that.

It is a place that is full of locker-room talk. It is a place of winners and losers and nastiness. It is a place of trash talk and spin-doctoring and going for the gold.

I used to wonder what would happen if fans got to vote on team owners, on coaches, on quarterbacks.

And so, if you had to vote on the sports world,who would you vote for?

Quarterback, worst bust.

a) Ryan Leaf

b) Jamarcus Russel

c) Johnny Manziel

d) Akili Smith

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Who should own the Tampa Bay Rays?

a) Vince Naimoli

b) Stu Sternberg

c) Coco LaBoy

Who should own the Tampa Bay Bucs?

a) Hugh Culverhouse

b) Glazer family

c) Eddie DeBartolo

d) Socrates Babacas

Who should own the Tampa Bay Lightning?

a) Takashi Okubo

b) Art Williams

c) Oren Koules

d) Jeff Vinik

Who would start at quarterback for the Bucs in their ultimate game?

a) Doug Williams

b) Brad Johnson

c) Josh Freeman

d) Jameis Winston

Who would start for the Rays in the ultimate game 7:

a) James Shields

b) David Price

c) Matt Garza

d) Chris Archer

You wish Cubs' manager Joe Maddon, a former Ray:

a) Would win the World Series

b) Would lose the World Series

c) Would take a massive pay cut and talent deficit to come home to the Rays

d) Would buy the Rays' a new stadium

Who would you rather see with the puck in their prime with the score tied:

a) Marty St. Louis

b) Vinny Lecavalier

c) Brad Richards

d. Steven Stamkos

Who is the Bucs' best coach?

a) Tony Dungy

b) Jon Gruden

c) John McKay

d) Dirk Koetter

Where should the new Rays' stadium be built?

a) Tampa

b) St. Petersburg

c) Gateway

d) Montreal

Who is the best Bucs' player from the secondary?

a) Ronde Barber

b) John Lynch

c) Dexter Jackson

d) Rod “Toast” Jones

Who is the best Lightning goaltender?

a) Nikolai Khabibulin

b) Darren Puppa

c) Dwayne Roloson

d) Ben Bishop

Who is the biggest Bucs' bust?

a) Booker Reese

b) Charles McRae

c) Eric Curry

d) Keith McCants

Who is the Lightning's best coach?

a) John Tortorella

b) Guy Bouchard

c) Jon Cooper

d) Terry Crisp

Which former Tampa Bay athlete should be in the Hall of Fame?

a) Dave Andreychuck

b) John Lynch

c) Fred McGriff

d) Marty St. Louis

The biggest play in Tampa Bay sports history is:

a) Marty St. Louis scoring to win Game Six in Calgary, setting up the Stanley Cup win

b) Ronde Barber's interception return in the NFC title game, setting up the Super Bowl win

c) David Price striking out J.D. Drew with the bases loaded in the ALCS, setting up the World Series trip for the Rays.

d) Phil Esposito's tap-dance to get the Lightning in the first place.

Who is the best Bucs' TV analyst?

a) Jon Gruden

b) Tony Dungy

c) Ronde Barber

d) John Lynch

What was the biggest move nationally?

a) Bill Belichick walking out on the New York Jets

b) Steve Yzerman firing a successful coach in Guy Bouchard to make room for Jon Cooper

c) Peyton Manning going with Papa John's instead of Pizza Hut

d) Pete Carroll thinks throwing at the goal line is a fine idea.

The only man who can stop Tom Brady is:

a) Luke Kuechley

b) Von Miller

c) J.J. Watt

d) Roger Goodell

Who was the worst owner in Tampa Bay history?

a) Hugh Culverhouse

b) Vince Naimoli

c) Art Williams

d) Oren Koules

Vote for the proper order of the decisions Roger Goodell has made:

a) Deflategate

b) Spygate

c) Bountygate

d) Textgate

What is the best quote ever about Tampa Bay sports:

a) “The only thing that keeps this organization from being recognized as one of the finest in baseball is wins and losses at the major league level.” – Chuck Lamar

b) “I said hockey. They thought I said sake.” – Phil Esposito

c) “I'm in favor of it,” John McKay asked about the execution of his team's offense.

d) “I am a tough get-up-and-get-after-it, take-no-prisoners kind of dude. And that is the kind of team we're going to have. We're going to the playoffs every year. We're going to win championships. We're going to fill the Ice Palace." – Art Williams.

Who is the worst free agent in Tampa Bay history?

a) Marc Denis

b) Alvin Harper

c) Pat Burrell

d) Anthony Collins

What is the worst piece of sporting equipment in Tampa Bay history?

a) The blurry fax machine blamed when the Flyers signed Chris Gratton.

b) The blade used when the Bucs cut off the end of Alvin Harper's finger

c) The telephone that glitched making the Bucs miss drafting Booker Reese. Sadly, they then traded next year's first-round draft pick away (it could have been Dan Marino) to get Reese, essentially messing up two drafts.

d) The glorious catwalks of Tropicana Field, for all who wonder what Arena Baseball would entail.

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