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by Gary Shelton on July 8, 2016 · 0 comments

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Friday, 6 a.m.

Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting question will be selected.

Friday, 6 a.m.

Dallas has had three defensive players suspended for PEDs, including Rolando McClain, who drew a 10-game ban. Is there a problem on this team?

Dallas is an organization that operates with an extreme emphasis on talent, regardless of character concerns.

Having the owner as the general manager allows them to take on these "At Risk" types, because the owner isn’t going to fire himself. These "At-Risk Players" have in most cases acute personal, medical or psychological issues. All teams will sign

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or draft these types at some point, but Dallas has made it a habit.

The reasons why vary. Sometimes you have a need and have no other choice. You become a hostage to the need. Other times a player drops in the draft because of character or medical concerns, and you think you’re getting a great buy. Regardless of the circumstances or reasons they, more times than not, don’t work out. When was the last time Dallas has won? When I use the term ‘Won’. Won with any type of consistency.

The Arena Football League is supposedly interested in Johnny Manziel. Is that for publicity, or does that league think Manziel can help?

Manziel is the ideal quarterback for that league and he’ll sell tickets. More people will watch these games that are played in a bowling alley because of Johnny Football.

Manziel has proven one thing: he is a bad investment. There is an old saying about "fool's gold." The team that signs him will see again that all that glitters is not gold.

Green Bay’s Mark Murphy said it would be a good idea to play a 17-game regular season and play the extra game in another country? Does that make sense to you?

I’m no prophet, but I said that five years ago.

Everyone knows that the  league wants to add more games to the regular season and for the reason Murphy says. It’s obvious. They don’t hurt their home fan base by taking one of their games away and playing it abroad and they can then play in Europe every week marketing their brand.

It’s a win all the way around for the owners. More games, more money. The only problem is the players are against it, at least for now. They feel the added game will shorten their career and they probably have a point.

It will be interesting to see how it plays itself out, because the players union has to agree to the extra game or games. Remember the owners were talking about going to an 18-game schedule at one point, but for now the focus is to get one more. That old saying: “Pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered.” Or is it the other way around? You know what I mean.

Hall of Fame debate: Who was better? Dan Marino or John Elway?

To me it’s easy, Elway, more rings. I love Marino, but the tiebreaker will always be the Ring, the one that says World Champion.

The Lions’ Jim Caldwell has hired Randy Edsall to help him with clock management. Do you think more coaches need that kind of help?

I think it’s a great hire. A lot of games are won or lost because of clock management.

It’s hard for coaches, for some reason, to keep their wits about them late in the half or in the game. One tactical mistake can cost you not only the game but your job. I’ve seen it too many times.

So if Edsall can help them win one more game, because he can balance the time they have with the time-outs they have and maximize the clock to get every second used to the advantage of their team, then he’s a great hire! The Ford family may have  finally gotten the Edsel right.

There are seven franchise players left in the NFL. Do you anticipate deals or no deals for Von Miller, Kirk Cousins, Muhammad Wilkerson, Eric Berry, Alshon Jeffery, Trumaine Johnson and Justin Tucker?

I’ve been involved with two players that we used the franchise tag on and can tell personally, I wished we would have never done it.

There are times where the tag makes sense, but most of the time it’s a bad business decision. It’s always bad for business to pay a player the amount of money these players are consuming against the cap for one year. It makes no sense, dollars and cents wise. It consumes a lot of money on this year’s cap and you get nothing in terms of future dollars, if and when you sign him after the 2016 season.

Sometimes, you have to do it because of evaluation reasons i.e. Washington (Is Cousins the real deal or not). I understand that one. Most in my opinion didn’t merit being franchised. The team should have let the player go into free agency and competed for him, but the fear of losing him ruled their judgement. Most of the time the home team wins and gets the player back at a cost that makes sense for the club and player and on a long term deal where the money can be spread out.

Now they are stuck, because the player wants and deserves the most money for any player at his position, because you franchised him and took him out of the market place. How do you tell him otherwise? You’ll either give it to him now or next year and if you don’t, you made a mistake in your evaluations. In Von Miller’s case he’s the best player on the team that won the Super Bowl. He wants a deal that looks like our national deficit.


Doug Martin: Rated right. Good, not special. Can win with him, but not because of him.

Dez Bryant: Overrated. Can’t trust him on or off the field. Can lose it as well as win it.

Kwon Alexander: Verdict is still out. Needs to show he has what it takes to have a career on and off the field.

Philip Rivers: Rated right, won a lot of games with good and poor supporting cast over a long period of time.

Mark Ingram: Overrated. Better than a journeyman, but no one is buying his jersey, unless their name is Ingram.

I was stunned to see a writer touting Herschel Walker for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What did he ever do besides get traded?

The writer needs to be removed from the panel. Someone needs to tell him we're not talking about the USFL, but the NFL. It’s ridiculous, given the players that aren’t in Canton at his position with much better resumes.

Today’s franchise to be ranked is the Cincinnati Bengals. Would you pick:

a. Cris Collinsworth
b. Tim Krumrie
c. Anthony Munoz
d. Ken Anderfson
e. Boomer Esiason

There was no better player at his position that Anthony Munoz. He was a Cadillac compared to most of his peers.

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