Random thoughts: For UM, recruiting is child’s play

by Gary Shelton on February 21, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hi. I'm Sam Bruce, the eighth-grader who was offered a scholarship by the University of Miami. I'm flattered, of course, and I can see this happening provided I can get into that class on Spongebob Squarepants.

– USA Today put together a fairly impressive 22-man lineup for less money than Roger Goodell's $34.1 million salary. When you consider deflategate, Greg Hardy, Peyton Manning and other scandals, I feel safe in suggeting that Goodell was a trifle overpaid.

– The good news for Johnny Manziel? He'll have lots of time for Vegas real soon.

– Did you see where the Seattle Seahawks are going to have a combine to measure different members of the media? Funny, but I'd get a bigger kick out of Michael Bennett trying to make a transition on deadline.

– In the People vs. O.J. Simpson, did anyone notice that O.J. was represented by Barbarino and Ross Gellar? And he still got off?

– Barry Bonds says that no player he played with would say he's not a Hall of Famer, and that no coach would ever say he's not a Hall of Famer. Bonds didn't say it, but a lot of PED dealers would agree he was the most impressive drug user of all.

– Celebrity death match: Walker, Texas Ranger, vs. Johnny Manziel.

– ESPN's five suggested moves for the Bucs this offseason involve waiting out Doug Martin, cutting Alterraun Verner, Evan Smith and Bruce Carter, not cutting Vincent Jackson and targeting a No. 1 pass rusher and targeting a No. 2 pass rusher. If there had been, say, seven moves, I would assume drafting a cornerback and drafting another cornerback would have been listed.

– Celebrities in their 16th of minute of fame: Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Flo from Progressive.

– Idea: What if the last place team in each major league had to wear Where's Waldo Hats?

– As the Bucs prepare to go into the draft, how many seasons in their history have they not needed a quarterback? Maybe 1979, the year after they drafted Doug Williams. Maybe 1988, the year after they picked Vinny Testaverde. And this one.

– Celebrity death match: Jack Ryan (Patriot Games) vs. Aaron Hernandez.

– I wonder what Ozzie Guillen thought of Manny Pacquiao's comments.

– A question: If Ferris Bueller had taken his day off 30 years later and in Tampa Bay, would he have even bothered to go to a baseball game?

– Wait until the Glazers here about this. Nick Powell is on loan from Manchester United to Hull City, but he didn't even watch Man-U's loss to FC Midtjylland. Why? He forgot it was on and was playing Fifa intead. Could be worse. He could be playing Grand Theft Auto.

– I know the charges are 20 years old, and that Peyton Manning has said all of them weren't true. But if they stand, does it make you view the charges against Jameis Winston (which have not stood up in court so far) differently?

– Celebrity death match: A.C. Cowlings, who drove a slow white Bronco, vs. John Elway, who was a slow white Bronco.

– Don't you love a good spat? Manny Pacquiao suggests that gay people are “worse than animals.” Former wrestler Dave Bautista counters that Pacquiao is “an idiot.”

– Just a thought: Could Jonathan Drouin be the last air-traffic controller?

– One question about Aaron Hernandez ripping Robert Kraft. Is it so horrible to get ripped by a murderer?

– Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun asks a key question: If the Maple Leafs were to sign Steven Stamkos, how good a player would they be getting? In an off-year for Stamkos, it's worth asking.

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