Why is the world debating the MVP?

by Gary Shelton on January 13, 2022

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Brady should win MVP./TIM WIRT

Thursday, 4 a.m.

First, you notice the mountains around you. It is that way with stardom, too.

So understand that a lot of people locally are going to favor Tom Brady over Aaron Rodgers in the ongoing MVP debate. It's natural. Brady's greatness happened here, and Rodgers happened up there, so more locals are going to notice.

Still, there are thing that Rodgers did better.

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His Progressive commercials played better than Brady's Subway commercials.

He was a more convincing liar.

He had a bigger pour.

Except for that, however, I am stunned that there is a way to say that Rodgers had a better season Tham Brady. Sue me.

I know, I know. It's a symbolic trophy that really, neither man needs to get into the Hall of Fame. Both players have won the MVP before; one more time just alters the resume a tad. If the NFL was smart, it would wait until after the Super Bowl to name the winner (Brady then would have won last year, too, instead of Rodgers).

But, to me, it's not a close vote. It shouldn't demand a recount.

Both quarterbacks won 13 games. Green Bay got the higher seed because it won one more conference game than the Bucs.

In passing yardage, Brady was first in the NFL. Rodgers was 10th.

In touchdown passes, Brady was fist. Rodgers was fourth.

In first downs, Brady was first. Rodgers was eighth.

In 300-yard games, Brady had nine, which tied for first in the league. Rodgers had four, which tied for 11th.

In fourth quarter-comebacks, a huge quarterback stat in my mind, Brady had five. Rodgers had two.

Brady was first in attempts an completions. Rodgers was 11th and 13th.

Rodgers had a slightly higher rating, because he had only four interceptions. But the lead was an inch. In the ESPN rating, Rodgers had a 68.5, Brady a 68.3.

But there is this, and yes, it ought to be considered. Brady was the focal point here, the acknowledged leader. Rodgers was an unhappy puppy who was a league-leader in drama. MVP's overcome controversy; they don't create it.

Look, whatever you think of Rodgers, he's a fine football player. And in another year, he might deserve this award.

Not this year. Not when Brady kept his team going despite injuries, despite a weak secondary, despite Antonio Brown's tantrum. Speaking of Brown, he's the guy who suggested that Brady is the general manager around here. Well, shouldn't he get some points for the double-duty?

This isn't hard. If Brady doesn't win it, it's going to be largely because a lot of voters are frankly a little tired of his success.

And when it comes to greatness, what does that tell you?

By the way, Rodgers won the 2020 MVP award. Brady had to settle for the Lombardi Trophy.

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