Could one of the Rays young guns grow into a star?

August 11, 2015 Tampa Bay Rays

Tuesday, 6 a.m. As a franchise, the Tampa Bay Rays have had too many hitters steal their money. Perhaps that is why it is so refreshing to see the Outlaw. There is much to like about Kevin Kiermaier, the young centerfielder. On a triple, he goes from home to third so fast you’d swear he […]

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The Rays don’t use their bats very much

July 2, 2015 general

Thursday, 7:35 a.m. They didn’t hit much on Monday. They didn’t hit much on Tuesday. They didn’t hit much on Wednesday. And for goodness’ sakes, they may not hit much today. This, they don’t do. Some cleaning services do not do windows. The Tampa Bay Rays do not hit. As it turns out, it isn’t […]

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Rays’ bats go silent in lopsided loss to Cleveland

June 30, 2015 general

Tuesday, 11:15 p.m. You may ignite the debate at any moment. Is this the worst offense the Tampa Bay Rays have ever had? After the past week – when the Rays have had a perfect game thrown at them through five innings on three different occasions, there is a case to be made. The Rays […]

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Cabrera, of all players, is the Rays’ hitting star

June 14, 2015 general

Sunday, 5:20 p.m. The Tampa Bay Rays were outnumbered. They seemed to be outgunned. The other guys had Chris Sale, who kept sending Rays back to the dugout on a regular basis. And all the Rays had was shortstop Adrubal Cabrera. As matchups go, it was like having a pawn against a queen, like having […]

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Ramirez is an unlikely hero as Rays win another

May 14, 2015 general

Thursday, 11;16 p.m. Rameriz won for the first time in 13 1/2 months./JEFFREY S. KING St. Petersburg The cavalry doesn’t always look the way you might expect when it charges over the hill. Sometimes, help comes from the darnedest places. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your latest really big deal for the Tampa Bay Rays: Erasmo […]

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Yankees sweep the Rays into the AL East Cellar

April 19, 2015 general

Sunday, 6:18 p.m. ST. PETERSBURG Not long ago, a ground ball to second or so, they were doing fine. The Rays were battered, but they were upright. They were winning more than they lost, and the American League East wasn’t running away from them, and Kevin Cash looked fairly comfortable in the manager’s seat. And […]

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How soon before Souza is ready for Rays?

March 12, 2015 general

Thursday, 11:42 a.m. PORT CHARLOTTE The bat is too young, too new. It is fresh wood, recently polished. It hasn’t had the hits that some of the others have had. It hasn’t come through in the clutch. It hasn’t driven enough runs home. And yet, you cannot help but look at it and hope. There […]

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Ask the Expert: Doug Waechter

February 25, 2015 general

Wednesday, 6 a.m. Doug Waechter spent four of his major league seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays, his hometown team. Over his time in the bigs, Waechter won 18 games. In his first start at Tropicana Field, Waechter threw a two-hit shutout against Seattle. He joins weekly to answer your questions about major league […]

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New look Rays expect a familiar result on the field

December 19, 2014 general

Friday, 6:16 p.m. The general manager is new. The manager is new. The base coaches are new. The catcher is new, and one of the outfielders is new, and the closer is new. If all goes according to plan, the blueprint for a stadium will be new. With the Tampa Bay Rays, only the expectations […]

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