Random thoughts: Gruden wants to be the Raiders’ top gun

by Gary Shelton on August 26, 2018 · 0 comments

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Jon Gruden says he isn't overpaid, but Tom Cruise is. That may be, but Cruise's work comes with a profit. Can Gruden say that since 2003?

-- Goodnight, John McCain. You were a fine man.

-- If the French Open wanted to ban a catsuit, why didn't they ban Halle Berry from wearing one before that awful movie?

-- Quick question: Who is the most dispicible football coach in history? Bear Bryant for the Junction Boys? Woody Hayes for slapping a player? Ron Meyer for the SMU scandal? Or Urban Meyer, because, well, he's Urban Meyer.

-- Things I don't understand, Vol. I: Why some fanboys still have crushes on Tonya Harding. They should have a contest, and the guy who says he loves Tonya the most should get her.

-- Second prize is Hope Solo.

-- I was amused that the Beverly Hills hotel restaurant charged Justin Verlander $1 million for lunch. But his tab also included $42 for a McCarthy salad and $30 for a pancake. What? IHOP was closed?

-- Did you see where Barbra Streisand had her dog cloned twice? Why can't they do that with Tom Brady?

-- Get this: The Browns, 1-31, have better odds to make the Super Bowl than the Bucs, the Jets, the Colts, the Bears, the Bengals, the Cardinals and the Dolphins. In some places, they have better odds than the Chiefs, Falcons and Jaguars. Who's setting these odds? Jim Brown?

-- Question: If UCF loses a game this season, will the Orlando Sentinel report it?

- CBSsports.com lists 10 NFL uniforms that should come back. Sadly, they mention the Bucs. I'm not a fan of the new unis, either, but a winking pirate with a knife through its skull and disco orange does nothing for me.

-- Lee Corso picks Wisconsin to win the national title, surviving a playoff with Clemson, Washington and Georgia. The Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers.

-- Speaking of Meyer, he now ranks with the worst apologies of all time. The room of Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Marion Jones, Pete Rose, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez and Michael Vick raise a glass and shout a hearty "oops."

-- Raiders' coach Jon Gruden says he's not sure he has his backup quarterback on the roster. Rest assured, he'll find someone who looks spiffy every time his starter throws an incompletion.

-- I, for one, will miss Jemele Hill if the reports are right about her ouster from ESPN. My old friend was contoversial, but she made you pay attention.

-- Desmond Howard, who went to Michigan, picks Michigan. Which is kind of like Butch Cassidy picking the Hole in the Wall gang. Howard also has Alabama, Clemson and West Virginia making the playoffs.

-- Richie Incognito wanted to remove his deceased father's head. It's late, but isn't every day Father's Day? Come to think of it, that tie wasn't a bad choice.

-- It's good that Adrian Peterson averaged 5.1 yards a carry in a preseason game. But don't get too giddy over a 32-year-old back who doesn't catch, doesn't block and doesn't play on special teams.

-- It's news that the Browns offered wide receiver Dez Bryant less than $5 million a year? How much would you pay for an unemployed receiver who was thrown away by his last team?

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