Random Thoughts: Would Vea outgain Jones?

by Gary Shelton on September 2, 2018 · 2 comments

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Yes, the Bucs have gotten to this point without a significant contribution from their first two draft picks. Personally, I'd bet that if they moved Vita Vea to running back, he'd have more than 22 yards on 28 carries.

-- Cubs infielder Daniel Murphy, who is definitely not down with the rainbow, has criticized Billy Beane's gay lifestyle. In a touch of humor, the Atlanta Braves organist played "Lola" and "Born This Way" when Murphy came to the plate.  He would have played "I'm Coming Out," but he didn't know the chorus.

-- Analyst Paul Finebaum suggests that Ohio State coach Urban Meyer "sold his soul" in his latest press conference, in which he imitated a human being but couldn't pull it off. I don't think Meyer sold his soul. I think it's on ice for the football season.

-- Tom Herman lost to Maryland for the second straight season. Goodnight, Tom.

-- Prediction for the upcoming NFL season: The Browns will be a mediocre team, which may make them the most improved club in the league.

-- Jalen Ramsey, who never met an opinion he doesn't like, says the Patriots' Rob Gronkowski isn't as great as people think. I think Ramsey's a fine player, but sometimes, he needs to pay a bit more attention.

-- When, exactly, did Jameis Winston become a victim?

-- The rumors that Joe Madden's job is in jeopardy is ridiculous. Do the Cubs not remember the 100 or so years before he came? Now, they've been to three straight NLCS championships. Firing Madden should insure that the Cubs never win another series.

-- Prediction for the upcoming season: Bill Belichick will be in a bad mood. Because he can be.

-- Urban Meyer must appreciate the criticism, because there is so much of it. But when he's getting rapped by Ryan Leaf, well, it's time for a personality change If only Meyer had one he could change.

-- The Bears have always had good linebackers. Now, it looks like Khalil Mack might be the next one. It's a hefty price, but Mack is a big-time player. Rating the top Bears linebackers: 1. Dick Butkus; 2. Mike Singletary; 3. Bill George; 4. Bronco Nagurski; 5. Brian Urlacher; 6. Wilber Marshall; 7. Mack; 8. Lance Briggs; 9. George Connor; 10. Joe Fortunato.

-- CBSsports.com says that Drew Brees will be the NFL MVP. Not that the odds are against the Bucs or anything.

-- I love Aaron Rodgers, but when theBigLead.com calls him the best NFL player of all time, I think this: Is Tom Brady sitting around and saying "Man, I wish I was him."

-- Maybe this was the problem. After signing Jon Gruden to a silly contract, maybe there was no coin left for Khalil Mack.

-- The Iowa football team of Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson won its opener 99-81 over Souix City North. I don't know about you, but I'd fire the defensive coordinator.

-- I wonder what Gaylord Perry thought of the balk call against Atalnta's Mike Foltynewicz, who was called after spitting. If he had scratched, they would have shot him.

-- Prediction for the upcoming NFL season: The Buffalo Bills won't have to worry about losing another Super Bowl. Again.

-- Ex-NFL defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who is working on his Paris Hilton look, says he's never heard a guy talk like Jalen Ramsey talks. Isn't that kind of like Donald Trump talking about bad leadership?

-- Roberto Aguayo is running out of teams. The Chargers are the latest team to point Aguayo toward the bus station. Maybe Aguayo should find a league without goalposts.

-- Did UCF win the college football national championship yet?

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