Random Thoughts: Watching Rousey’s fast farewell

by Gary Shelton on January 2, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 5 a.m.

– Does it strike anyone else that Ronda Rousey's life is exactly like Rocky Balboa's. Except her movie is being played in reverse.

– Buffalo's Marcell Dareus said the Bills have too may details on their defense. Evidently, the Bills used five whole fronts, not counting the one where they line up to block extra points. Think of it this way, Marcell. You're getting $20 million per front. Also, your cousin is a turnip.

– Think of it this way: Rousey made $3 million for getting beat up Friday night. It added up to about $10 per punch in the face.

– If the Bucs want to draft Dalvin Cook, it's okay.

– Amanda Nunes could slap Larry the Dr. Pepper guy around if she wanted.

– I like that the Bucs resigned Banger (punter Bryan Anger). But shouldn't they have done it inside the 20?

– Just for perspective: Raiders' Hall of Famer Ray Guy averaged 42.4 yards per punt. Anger has averaged 46.7.

– Usain Bolt said last week, he's so fast, he's already in 2017. And it's November.

– Remember the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" Rousey was gone in 48.

– Just heard that Nick Saban was in a bar the other night, and they asked him to leave so they could have Happy Hour.

– A comparison. She Loves You, by the Beatles, lasted 141 seconds. The Letter, by the Box Tops, lasted 115 seconds. And Rousey lasted 48.

– Marv Levy, 91, says he'd coach the Bills if asked. After all, they have that big game coming up against the Decatur Staleys.

– By the way, if you're thinking of hiring Tom Coughlin, Levy is only 20 years older.

– The Buffalo Bills released a highlight film that did not feature quarterback Tyrod Taylor. One question: The Bills had a hightlight film?

– Just heard that Nick Saban was in a bar the other night, and they asked him to leave so they could have Happy Hour.

– A comparison: Two women in the history of the world have run the 400 meters faster than 48 seconds. So Rousey has that going for her.

– Ringo Starr is an Alabama fan? Tide fans, in response, gave a big thumbs-up to Yellow Submarine. Even worse, the pic that Starr posted had, gulp, no rings. Bama had won them all.

– It isn't the bashing that should bother Jacksonville and quarterback Blake Bortles. It's the source. It came from Trent Dilfer, who called Bortles “the worst quarterback in the league” and said Jacksonville was “a terrible place for a franchise.” Dilfer had one of his worst nights against the Jags, but that doesn't mean he's wrong.

– I still think Tonya Harding could beat up Ronda Rousey, but it might take her 35 seconds to do it. She's 56 years old.

– Question about the Ronda Rousey media blackout. Who is deciding not to talk to the other?

– A comparison: The Joe Greene Coke commercial lasted 60 seconds. Rousey lasted 48.

– Okay, guys. Make your bet. Will Jeff Fisher, Rex Ryan or Greg Schiano get an NFL coaching job first?

– If you are an FAU fan, are you over the moon about the play-calling of Lane Kiffin on Saturday?

– A comparison: Billy Joel did the National Anthem in 90 seconds before Super Bowl 41. Rousey lasted 48.

– Has Ronda Rousey become the Buffalo Bills?

– New England's Marellas Bennett this week mentioned “bacon” in a press gathering some 30 times. How can you not like a guy who likes bacon?

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