Random thoughts: This time, Winslow needs a defense

by Gary Shelton on June 17, 2018 · 0 comments

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Kellen Winslow Jr., as we know, is a soldier. These days, he's wishing he was the unknown soldier.

-- I mean,we all love the Golden Girls. But the word is that Winslow had to take a cold shower afterward.

-- In their ranking of the NFL's defenses, Forthewin.com has the Bucs 24th despite their improvements. That's a fourth-tier defense, under the label of "concerning."

-- I'm sure you got a kick out of Von Miller posing as a waiter in a restaurant, including offering straws for patron's wine. More athletes should spend time working the jobs -- and getting the pay -- of their fans. Of course, Miller can always go home to his mansion.

-- I love reading all-time quarterback ratings, and I understand why some writers rank some players higher than others. In NewArena.com, for instance, you will find Tom Brady No. 1 and Joe Montana No. 2. That's understandable. But to list Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers over Johnny Unitas just tells you the age of the writer.

-- Hope Solo opposes the United States' bid for the 2026 World Cup. Maybe she would prefer another country...or another world.

-- Alexi Lalas says you cannot overstate how important that Iceland's draw with Argentina was. Then again, perhaps you can.

-- The Sporting News just did their college football rankings, worst to first. Among the Florida schools, Mark Richt was sixth. Dan Mullen was 21st, Lane Kiffin was 43rd, Charlie Strong was 33rd, Willie Taggart was 35th, Butch Davis was 67th and Josh Huepel was 96th. It's just one guy's list, but it's a little baffling. I mean, Jim Harbaugh is 11th in the nation, but he's never been above third in the Big 10.

-- Speaking of the Sporting News, it also ranked the NFL general managers. Jason Licht of the Bucs was 30th, which seems lower than you'd think since John Lynch of the 49ers, was 12th, John Dorsey of the Browns was 14th and Jerry Jones of the Cowboys was 16th. Brian Gutekunstof the Packers, who is still looking for his office, was 22nd. I guess there are darts, and there are dartboards.

-- I don't know if Phil Mickelson helped himself by chasing down a rolling putt to swat it back the other direction. I feel relatively sure, however, that he would have stopped a slapshot by the Lightning.

-- Now that Donald Trump has talked about pardoning Muhammad Ali -- who doesn't need it -- he can now pardon the 1919 Chicago Black Sox. Except they, too, were not guilty in court. Oops.

-- For that matter, Lizzie Borden was not guilty,too.

-- I'm relatively certain that Winslow's eventual defense will blame head trauma for his reprehensible acts. On the other hand, he was a nut long before he got to the NFL.

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