Random Thoughts: Spieth plays in slow motion

by Gary Shelton on April 10, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hello. I'm the NFL network, and I think it's dandy that Myles Jack has passed Jalen Ramsey in the first week of April. After all, the guys haven't played in more than three months and the scouts aren't talking.

– Any day now, I would expect Justin Spieth to endorse Heinz Ketchup. You know, so slooooooow.

– Yeah, yeah. Major League managers are upset at the new rule. But ask me this: At what point does teaching the rule become a requirement?

– I thought it was cool that the 94-year-old guy scored in the spring game for South Carolina But, uh, what does that say about Will Muschamp's defense?

– Terrell Owens thinks the Hall of Fame should be based on stats. Here's a stat: Owens equals one team-buster, and that's why he's not in.

– How do you think Tiger Woods is spending his weekend? Is he glued to the TV watching Spieth? Or is he at Perkins checking out what's hot and sweet?

– According to the Pointafter.com, the Bucs' biggest draft bust since the 2000 season was … Gaines Adams. That's hard to argue, but they have Cadillac Williams as the runner up. Over Josh Freeman? Over Mark Barron?

– If Jimbo Fisher can erase a fumble and add 90 seconds to the clock in the spring game, what can Nick Saban do? Erase two fumbles, add a quarter and have his picture on Alabama money?

– Any time the Rays' starting rotation wants to take over the starring role on this team, it's cool.

– The people who keep casting these gorgeous actresses to play Tonya Harding evidently weren't at the same honkey tonk she was. Just saying.

– I am willing to acknowledge that Jason Pierre-Paul may have played better than his one-sack total from last year indicates. But only if you'll admit that he wouldn't be a star anywhere but New York.

– The way Jameis Winston hangs around the Seminoles, could he be the first NFL player to declare for college?

– Jacques Demers, one of everyone's favorite Lightning hockey coaches, is recovering following a stroke. Darn it. Who brought up Art Williams to him?

– Among the groups inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame is Cheap Trick. Not to be confused with Hugh Culverhouse, who had almost the exact same nickname.

– Did you see Pablo Sandoval swung so hard at a pitch his belt unbuckled itself. Of course, the belt was certainly big enough to do its own own chores.

– I don't agree with Bill Belichick that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. I'd still go with Joe Montana. But I don't mind that Belichick has his opinion.

– Is Kobe Bryant finished retiring yet?

– It's hysterical to see Adam Schefter try to defend his fluff interview with Greg Hardy. I like Adam, but I thought the part where he showed the merit badges and the trophy for helping little old ladies across the street was a bit much.

– The good thing about Trent Richardson signing with Baltimore is that the Ravens will have a guy to run for one yard on third-and-three whenever they need him.

– Something for the Magic to keep in mind. There are rumors the Rockets are freezing out Dwight Howard. Is that who you want raising your kids?

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