Random Thoughts: Goodnight Josh Freeman

by Gary Shelton on May 27, 2018 · 0 comments

in Tampa Bay Rays

Josh Freeman has looked in the mirror and decided that he's done. Of course, that same mirror was there in 2012.

-- Now that Freeman has stopped playing, isn't it time for Trent Dilfer? What? He did? Nevermind.

-- Interesting story by my old friend and co-worker Dave Hyde of the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel on Andre Dawson's ownership of a funeral home. Business must be good. People are dying to become customers.

-- Let's start a pool. Who's the next Ray to be traded.The favorites: 1.Chris Archer; 2. C.J. Cron; 3. Adeiny Hechavarria, 4. Wilson Ramos.

-- TheSpun.com lists the most overrated college fan bases, and they're aren't crazy about Florida. The Gators were 7th, the Miami Hurricanes fifth and FSU second. What? No FAU?

-- Should the NFL tweak its new anthem policy. Every fan caught yawning, talking or scratching during the anthem gives $10 to fight sexual abuse. How's that?

-- Now that FAU is making up female athletes (or accused of doing so), their next basketball team will consist of Wonder Woman, The Black Widow, Elektra, Wasp and the Invisible Woman, who granted, will be hard to pass to.

-- Now, here's an idea that turns sour by overuse. Soccer star Ronaldinho is engaged ... to two women. He'll marry both on the same day in August. Now, I love my wife, and I think she's great, but the thought of having two of her makes my head blow up. I'm sure she feels the same.

-- Here's a solution to the anthem protests. Pick a song, any song. Like American Woman, maybe. Or American Idiot. And we'll all sit down for it, and the protesting will be done. Who's with me?

-- Hello, Lenny Dykstra? You are now needed on your home planet. Bon Voyage.

-- Speaking of which, Richie Incognito, who goes to meetings with Dykstra, told police the government was spying on him. He then donned a tin-foil hat and tried to fly away.

-- It was Star Wars night at Tropicana Field Saturday night. How sad to find out that the team had traded Luke and Chewbacca and sent Obi-Wan to the minors.

-- Britt McHenry, dithering idiot, has criticized Chris Long for giving to charity. No, you don't make $39 million, Britt. Just give what you do make in a year and I'll listen.

-- Gil Brandt says that Bucs' rookie Ronald Jones II is the third best bet among rookie running backs to make an impact. Of course, Jones has to fit into the tiny shoes of Doug Martin.

-- Personally, I think the Rays games are a perfect place to have a Star Wars night. Everyone arrives Solo.

-- Now that Freeman has retired, do you think Greg Schiano nodded and said "Told you."

-- NFL.com includes the Bucs in the "high-ceiling, low-floor category," suggesting that the site was offended by the Bucs' collapse a year ago. Well, take a number.

--In their first season, the Bucs won zero games. The Rays, playing roughly  twice as many games as the Lightning, won 63. The Lightning won 23. The Las Vegas Knights won 51 regular season games, and now they're in the Stanley Cup finals. And in his first TV series, Tom Hanks wore a dress. Oh.

-- LaVar Ball says his sons will be billionaires before LeBron James. Only if one of them is named Lucille, LaVar.

-- Former, ahem, adult actress Mia Khalifa says she was hit in the, um enhancements during a Lightning-Caps playoff game. Could that be why the Bolts shot so wildly the last eight periods?

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