Random Thoughts: Good night to a rivalry

by Gary Shelton on January 24, 2016 · 0 comments

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Hello. I'm Peyton Manning. And this is my going-out-of-business sale for my rivalry. Twice the Papa John's. Twice the DirecTV. Twenty percent of the titles!

– If Marshawn Lynch retires, shouldn't he just leave a note? That's good enough for me.

– Sigh. We have another thug sighting. Anthony Wayne Smith, the overall No.11 draft pick of the Raiders in 1990, is headed to the clink after murdering three men. Thank goodness he had football to build his character.

– This just in from Jonathan Drouin: Waaaah.

– A waste of talent is a sad thing always. But as teammates talked about how the prison system failed Lawrence Phillips, I had this thought: Don't you have to be a bad guy to get into it?

– I love that John Lynch is going into the Ring of Honor. But why is it that it seems as if the Bucs haven't played a safety since he left?

– So Danny Kannell thinks it would be a fine idea for the Broncos to hit Tom Brady late. Brady, in turn, thinks Kannell should face the severest injury of his profession. You know, a paper cut.

– The National League may add the DH by 2017, meaning there will be two leagues that need to remove it.

– I am certain that LeBron James had no idea that coach David Blatt was getting fired. I am also sure it stunned him with the Cavs decided to start four other players.

– So, how is that holdout working for Jonathan Drouin, who must be tired of holding his breath by now?

– The Sporting News has the Bucs taking an offensive tackle in the upcoming draft. The best way to interpret this? It's time to buy a different magazine than the Sporting News.

– In a redraft of the 2010 selections, I see the Point After has the Bucs drafting Rob Gronkowski instead of Gerlad McCoy. Considering that Josh Freeman was the quarterback, I think that's sufficient to make both sides wake up screaming.

– I see Pro Football Talk picks Todd Gurley over Jameis Winston for rookie of the year. Really? Gurley had fewer than 100 yards in seven of his last eight games. He's a fine back, but he isn't the difference maker that Winston is.

– The Big Lead ranks the 11 worst owners in the NFL, and the Glazers do not make the list. Gee...maybe if they had fired a few more head coaches.

– The Dallas Cowboys are supposed deciding whether to sign Tim Tebow or take a run and Johnny Manziel. Are those the good and evil voices speaking to Jerry Jones?

– Mel Kiper changed the Bucs' draft grade from a year ago from a B-minus to an A. I guess Todd Licht stayed after for extra credit.

– I'd tend not to believe all of this tennis match-fixing talk if Roger Federer didn't play Chick Gandhil in the next round if the Australian.

– Kellen Winslow is talking about a comeback? Personally, I think Kellen Winslow Sr. has a better shot, but that's just me.

– It's going to be a close race for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, if O.J. Simpson would leave, it would leave room for one more nominee.

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