Random Thoughts: Golson forgettable at FSU

by Gary Shelton on December 27, 2015 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 am.

Hello, I'm Tiger Woods. And you might have heard of my death on the internet. Well, it was a hoax. Nothing is dead except my short game.

– In the end, Everett Golson may be remembered as the FSU quarterback who mattered least. No one has had that many headlines and so few touchdowns.  And, yes, I remember Dan Kendra.

– Every time I hear about a weird injury — such as Atlanta's Tevin Coleman being on concussion protocol after slipping in the shower – I admire the longevity of Cal Ripkin, who in a death-defying act, evidently took lots of showers.

– Here's an idea for a college football roundtable show. Bobby Bowden, Steve Spurrier, Frank Beamer and Lou Holtz sitting around a round table. You could even film it during the Early Bird Special.

– But no one tells Mack Brown about it, right?

– Mark Jackson's comments that Stephan Curry is hurting the game of basketball because he's such a good shooter is kind of like someone saying that Eric Clapton hurt guitar playing because he did it so well.

– With Miami's loss Saturday, is there any way the Hurricanes could fire Al Golden again. Just to be sure it took?

– Okay, you're in prison, you've been caught with a shank and you have another trial upcoming. Yeah, I can see where Aaron Hernandez thought a Bloods' neck tattoo was a fine idea.

– Hey, I thought it was romantic that Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright proposed to his girlfriend inside the Boeing Factory. And, no, no one should think of a huge crash.

– No one should be surprised that two Cleveland Browns were arrested on Christmas. Just that Johnny Manziel wasn't one of them.

– You know, it was probably pretty easy to shop for Caitlyn Jenner.

– If every NFL player who has had a concussion was let in free to see “Concussion,” ticket receipts would be $1.75.

– The Bleacher Report suggests the Bucs will pick 12th and take cornerback Vernon Hargreaves. Clemson defensive end Shaq Lawson will be available, but after Gaines Adams and Da'Quan Bowers, do the Bucs have the guts to go with a Clemson defensive end?

– I mean, isn't that like drafting another Kansas State quarterback?

– If Odell Beckham is constantly dealing with gay insults, as analyst Michael Irvin suggests, perhaps he could do with a dab less peroxide. Just saying.

– Washington's Rickey Jean Francois wore Star Wars cleats. Which may bring on the nerd insults.

– Personally, I understand why Florida's Demarcus Robinson went pro, and I hope he will be very happy in the Arena League.

– Think of it like this: The Bucs didn't make this year's playoffs, but unlike many years, they still haven't been eliminated from next year's.

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