Random Thoughts: Gabbert wears a tutu again

by Gary Shelton on November 12, 2017 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 3 a.m.

Say what you want, but those photos of Blaine Gabbert warming up as the tooth fairy show a man very comfortable in his tutu. Hey, ballet dancers can pull hamstrings, too.

– Just guessing, but Gabbert had that tutu left over from his Jaguar days.

– No, they still aren't back yet. But Miami looked so much like it Saturday night that Brian Bosworth hid underneath the coffee table.

– Josh McKown vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick? It's the best quarterback matchup since Statler played Waldorf in the Muppet Bowl. Winner is served his hot oatmeal by the loser.

– Eventually, Georgia catches up to Georgia, doesn' t it?

– Looking ahead to 2020, ESPN thinks the Bucs will still be quarterbacked by  Jameis Winston. However, they think the Bucs' coach will be Frank Reich. The website had no guess is to how many coaches will be between Dirk Koetter and Reich, who they say will be in his second year.

– Apologies. Cam Newton compared his own team to the Titantic. Obviously, he meant to say the Lusitania.

– Cool sign before the UM-Notre Dame game: "Rudy was offsides."

– I love college football. Until those annoying NAPA commercials come on and people squeal at me.

– Food for thought the next time you throw the word “blackball” around. Like Colin Kaepernick, the following quarterbacks won one game in their final season: Robert Griffin III, Josh Freeman, Cade McNown, Vince Young, Trent Dilfer, Andre Ware, Joe Pisarcik, Todd Blackledge and Jack Thompson. I hearby drop the microphone.

– For the record, Jamarcus Russell and Johnny Manziel won two in their final years.

–Rapper Joell Ortiz (never heard of him) says the Jets will get "a free win" today because of Bucs' quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

– Peyton Manning may be done as an NFL quarterback, but I'd put his lifetime collection of TV commercials up against anyone's.

– From now on, we should refer to former FIFA czar Sepp Blatter as “Harvey Weinstein II.”

– Evidently, LiAngelo Ball's future is so bright he's gotta steal shades.

– What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Neither does O.J. Simpson, just out of the clink. He's been banned from the Cosmopolitan Hotel after an incident. Show of hands as to how many people saw this coming.

– If only the NCAA would expand...and expand again...and expand again, then 18th ranked UCF might be included.

– I'm shocked – shocked, I tell you – that the Rays aren't one of the four teams after Giancarlo Stanton. How about we scrap that new stadium and instead sign Stanton. He can play in a vacant lot.

– I am often amused by the exactness of fines. For instance, Jameis Winston was fined $12,154 for poking New Orleans' corner Marshon Lattimore. No quibbles with the fine – Winston deserved it – but can you imagine the conversation? “How about $12,155?” “No, that's too much. How about $12,153?” “Not enough.” “I know. Let's split the difference. 12,154 sounds like we gave it a lot of thought.”

– Anyone else hear Jerry Jones' whining about a powerful commissioner and want to move his Hall of Fame bust to the parking lot?

– In the ocean, you look into a mollusk to find a Pearl. In college basketball, you look into a recruiting mess.

– With the mudslides, the forest fires and Kevin Spacey, California has enough problems. Now come the Lightning, which has won more games there (2) than any state other than Florida.

– My friend Mike Vaccaro wrote a nice piece on Joe Namath's final victory as a member of the Jets, a 34-0 win over the expansion Tampa Bay Bucs in 1975.  But the best part was a reader's comment, which said "I expect Ryan Fitzpatrick to beat the Jets Sunday. Heck, last year, he beat them nine times."

– No, Archie Miller isn't ready to be promoted to general. The new Indiana coach lost 90-69 to Indiana State (11-20 last year) in his first game. Yikes.

–Mike Shanahan says one of the problems of Robert Griffin III was that he "thought he was Aaron Rogers." Sadly, he played like he was Erin Andrews.

– No offense to Andrews.



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