Random Thoughts: Florida picked the better coach

by Gary Shelton on November 25, 2018 · 4 comments

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Random thoughts:

Maybe it's just me, but I'm watching the Florida-FSU game, and this occurs to me. would the result have been different if Dan Mullen went to FSU and Willie Taggart to Florida? I think it would have been.

-- Phil Mickelson, old guy, beating Tiger Woods, old guy, was the biggest farce since Evil Kneivel didn't jump the Snake River canyon. It isn't quite as good as when Bobby Riggs convinced women tennis players they could strike a blow for feminism by beating up an old man on the tennis courts, but it was close. Whose next? Sam Snead and Julius Boros?

-- A Buc player who needs to play well against San Francisco. Jameis Winston. True, this list always starts with the quarterback flavor of the day. But if Winston can take care of the ball, the Bucs have a lot more talent than the 49ers, and quarterback Nick Mullens should be mortal.  If the Bucs don't have a big edge here, it may be the most incriminating stat of the season.

-- You can start your debates now, but if I ran the college football playoffs, I'd go with Oklahoma despite a terrible defense. Oklahoma lost to a good Texas team; Ohio State lost to Purdue.

-- If you're keeping score, Urban Meyer is now 7-0 against Michigan. Jim Harbaugh is 0-4 against Ohio State. Any questions

-- Every time I hear Charlie Strong moan about his defense being too small, I wonder what he thought last January. Did he think his linebackers who gain weight until they were defensive tackles? Did he look at junior college guys and say "no thanks." Did he think that 2018 would come, and the world would no longer need big guys? It all comes back to coaching, people.

-- Gee. Don't they invite defenses to rivalry games anymore? Let's see. Michigan gave up 62, West Virginia gave up 59, South Carolina gave up 56, Auburn gave up 52, Georgia Tech gave up 45, FSU gave up 41 and USF gave up 38 to a backup quarterback. What does the word "rivalry" mean? "Block that point?:

-- I wonder if even Bobby Bowden turned the TV off Saturday.

-- Here's the question on the minds of the colleges with first year coaches. How many would hire them again? Yes: Dan Mullen, Florida. Probables, but without a lot of evidence: Scott Frost, Nebraska; Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M; Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee. Nos: Willie Taggart, FSU; Chip Kelly, UCLA; Chad Morris, Arkansas. The rest? Meh.

-- A Bucs' player who needs a good game against the 49ers: Linebacker Adarius Taylor. The Bucs are out of linebackers.

-- I really do enjoy the TV series The Walking Dead. I just wish USF's Charlie Strong would stop recruiting there.

-- Buc player who needs a big day against the 49ers: Peyton Barber. If the Bucs can run, then Winston can throw fewer times to the free safety. Of course, he's open.

-- Let's grade Winston's last six games. An A would be three wins and no more than one intercetpion. A B would be two wins and five touchdowns passes, with two picks. A C would be one win and three or more interceptions. A D is one win and four turnovers. And F would be no wins, five or more turovers and an arrest. Sound about right?

-- Here's something to consider: Last February, UM held beat Ohio State ... and gave up 62 points. The Wolverines did that Saturday.

-- Looking back, it was a bad thing for Michigan to use USF's defense, wasn't it?

--  Buc who needs a big game against the 49ers: Jason Pierre-Paul. A young quarterback is more suspectible to pressure.

-- Funny that after Phil Mickelson won his counterfeit competition, his championship belt wouldn't fit, which is going to make his championship pants fall down. Ric Flair never had that problem.

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