Random thoughts: Did Jackson lose his Heisman?

by Gary Shelton on November 20, 2016 · 0 comments

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Of the 11 sacks suffered by LaMar Jackson Friday night, which one looked like a Heisman being tossed in the trash?

– Oddsmakers say Tom Brady has a better shot at being president in 2020 than Gary Johnson. Brady is tied with Dwayne “The Rock'' Johnson, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Cuban, Chelsea Clinton and Kanye West. Brady is ahead of Johnson, Vince McMahon and Kim Kardashian. Roger Goodell was not mentioned.

– Did you see the Michigan women's basketball team scored 52 straight points against Howard? They would have scored more, but they were out of playing cards.

– I was mildly impressed that the fivethirtyeight.com website says Alabama is closing in on the best season in the history of college football. I was more impressed that the Tide had five of the top 18 seasons and six of the top 24. Miami had four of the top 30, but only one of the top 15.

– So who knew Tampa Bay would figure so prominently in the AL Cy Young voting. Turns out, neither Rays' beat writer Bill Chastain or local AP writer Fred Goodall had Justin Verlander in their top three, which helped keep him away from the award. Call it Bill and Fred's Excellent Adventure, or The Time that Kate Upton Talked Dirty to Us. Of course, Florida has had some strange voting results lately.

– As much as I admire Dalvin Cook, he just got part of Warren Dunn's record Saturday. Cook has 4,166 yards now to Dunny's 3,959. But officially, Cook still needs 10,959 NFL yards. He also has to give away 150 houses. Just saying.

– I love the commercial where Nick Saban gives advice to the woman about dress-buying.

– Start losing, like Aaron Rodgers has, and suddenly, everyone says your personality is the same as Frank Burns from M*A*S*H. That said, it's kind of cold (even for Green Bay) to make your parents buy tickets from Stubhub to watch him play.

– Ray Lewis says that Joe Flacco lacks fire. Flacco should have pointed out that Lewis' crew had plenty of fire outside the nightclub Cobalt.

– With 36 stitches in his forehead, Columbus' Matt Calvert looked like he had a pop-top in his head. But he looked just fine in scoring the short-handed winner agianst the Rangers. Which is why the players of the NHL might swallow more pain than any other athletes.

– USA Today ranked the best sports commercials, led by the “Be Like Mike” ad. The Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial was only fifth. I demand a recount.

– Now checking out: Charlie Strong.

– Voters seem to overlook the teams at the top when they name a coach of the year. But in the SEC, either you give it to Nick Saban, or you give it Jim McElwain. How he can ride that offense to Atlanta is a mystery.

– Could Florida's success Saturday end up hurting FSU? 1) LSU will be less inclined to keep interim coach Ed Orgeron. 2) With Tom Herman being talked up at Texas, LSU may come even stronger after Jimbo Fisher. 3) Fisher must really, really like jambalaya to let his name hover about the job.

– How many points would USF's offense score if it got to play USF's defense? I say it would be more than the amount of jellybeans you could squeeze into a Volkswagen.

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