Random Thoughts: Could Chip replace Goofy?

by Gary Shelton on November 29, 2015 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hello. I'm Jimbo Fisher. And I'm staying at FSU because, well, someone has to be the new Burt Reynolds.

– I know that Johnny Manziel is a frat boy who needs to stand in the corner for a while, but did the Browns really demote him for partying on his off-time? At the risk of defending Johnny Highball, we may not be able to field a league on Sunday.

– Don't know about you, but I get a kick out of Cam Newton's dancing. Which raises the question: Why was Don Cornelius never commissioner of the NFL?

– Did you catch the act of LSU AD Joe Alleva acting as if he had nothing to do with the talk that LSU Les Miles was gone? Alleva sounded a lot like a guy whose boosters had taken the decision out of his hands.

– The Ohio governor asked citizens not to wear khakis because Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh does. Of course, Harbaugh also wears pants. As far as   the khakis, what about Jake...from State Farm?

– I would suggest that Chip Kelly check out the Central Florida job, but Goofy already lives in Orlando.

– For those of you who are amazed that Dalvin Cook won't win the Heisman because of two losses, remember 1956. Paul Hornung won with less than 1,000 yards passing, less than 500 rushing and a 2-8 record. Of course, he did have those three touchdown passes.

– Every time I see the Nissan commercial, I think the woman in it is raving … about the Titans? So maybe it isn't such a smart purchase.

– Loved Tom Brady's turkey outfit. And, he can rent it out to the Cardinals mascot!

– If you are the University of Miami, say, wouldn't this have been a perfect time to go after Les Miles?

– I think it's nice that Iowa is unbeaten. Why, I'd even put the Hawkeyes in the top 15.

– I bet Tony Romo feels comforted to hear that Jerry Jones doesn't regret rushing him back.

– Now that Ray Lewis says he would rather play for Rex Ryan than Bill Belichick (pause for laughter), you wonder who his favorite Buc coach would be. Leeman Bennett or Richard Williamson?

– It's gotten so bad in Philadelphia that fans are receiving Care Packages from Cleveland.

– Interesting question on TMZ. If the O.J. Simpson trial happened now, would he be convicted? Or would he get his own TV Series: Nordberg, the Early Years.

– So will you watch the O.J. Simpson movie? Or the second trail of Aaron Hernandez, also coming in February?

– After Peyton admits he's stayed too long at the prom, who is the new Papa John's Pizza Guy? It'll have to be someone young, someone charismatic, someone talented. I say Cam Newton, followed by Jameis Winston. Do they have pizza with crab legs?

– It isn't the new bacon-scented underwear that intrigues me. It's the concept of making rogue athletes wear them as they walk through the pit bull kennels.

– One more time: Why is Johnny Unitas mentioned with the Indianapolis Colts' history. Unitas never played in Indy.

– A new mock draft has the Bucs picking 16th...and taking Oklahoma State's Emmanuel Ogbah. Makes sense. These drafts that have the Bucs taking an offensive tackle are by people who have evidently never seen the team play.

– Greg Hardy threw a no-hitter against the Panthers, and you start to wonder: Is his lousy attitude the best part of his game?

– Yeah, that Mark Barron pick over Luke Kuechly looks better all the the time, doesn't it?

– Here's how you say Holly Holm in German: Tyson Fury.


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