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by Gary Shelton on February 24, 2019 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Simply a terrific story on former Bucs' quarterback Trent Dilfer on the USAToday.com website. Reward yourself, snuggle in with a box of Kleenex and give it a read, won't you?

-- Is it just me, or has Kraft seen Pretty Woman too many times?

-- In my career, one of the columns I wrote that had the most hatred pointed at me as far as responses was the first-ever column I did on the Olympic sport of curling. I was reminded of that when reading that former Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen, Titans' linebacker Keith Bulluck, Titans' ofensive tackle Michael Roos and former Rams quarterback Marc Bulger are trying to form a curling team. One more time, who plays the bippity-boppity-boo position?

-- Let's see. The Patriots have let go of Richard Seymour, Chandler Ward, Jamie Collins and Aqib Talib to save money in recent seasons. Now we find out what Bob Kraft was doing with the spare cash.

-- Reports say that Gerald McCoy will be with the Bucs next season. That's good, but his pay isn't.

-- Here's why you shouldn't buy into anyone's mock draft in February. CBSsports.com says that with the No. 5 pick, the Bucs will take Alabama tackle Jonah Williams. No, says Walterfootball.com. The Bucs will trade down with Washington and pick up a second-round pick and a first-rounder next year as well as Washington's No. 1 pick this year...and they'll take Alabama tackle Jonah Williams.

-- According to the Steelers, three teams have reached out to express their interest in Antonio Brown. Nothing is firm yet, but I understand those teams are the Decatur Staleys, the Frankford Yellow Jackets and the Canton Bulldogs. Everyone else is up to date on Brown's attitude.

-- Does it seem to anyone else that the NBA is going the wrong way when it lowers  the draft entry age? One and done is bad, but it isn't as bad as none and done.

-- Maybe it's just me, but the wisdom of compensatory picks in the NFL baffles me. A team doesn't sign a free agent because they want an advantage in their salary cap, and they get rewarded?

-- Former Packers' tight end Mark Chmura says that it was Aaron Rodgers who got coach Mike McCarthy fired. While I'm no fan of stars running the show, I would point out McCarthy's record hasn't been good lately. Of course, what do I know? I don't have the view from Chmura's hot tub.

-- No, no. What Robert Kraft really asked: "How much to polish my trophy?" Everyone just misunderstood.

-- The folks at Forthewin.com have a gas leak. How else do you explain an article that suggests the Washington Redskins, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jags and Miami Dolphins sign Colin Kaepernick as a starting quarterback. One more time, people, the guy won one game his last year. This isn't about politics.

-- Wonder what else that Homeland Security discovered on Robert Kraft's game films?

--  Look at it this way: Kraft may have sullied his reputation and damaged the NFL, but at least he can get a deal as the pitchman in commercials for Orchids of Asia.

-- TheBiglead.com says the Bucs are one of six teams that should be interested in Pittsburgh running back Le'Veon Bell. My response? No, no, no, no, no and no. There are too many holes to sign a greedy running back.

-- The Padres signing of Manny Machado, a going-nowhere team overpaying for a greedy star, reminds me a lot of the Rangers signing Alex Rodriguez. The odds are against it finishing in a good way.

-- The Bucs are tied for 12th for the toughest schedule in the NFL. Opponents were 130-126 for a winning percentage of .508.

-- A joke: What does Tom Brady do easily that Robert Kraft cannot. Answer: Go deep.

-- Think the teams from this state drive people crazy? TheSportingNews.com ranked the seven most hated teams in the history of college football. Miami's 1986 team was first, Florida's 1996 team was third and FSU's 2014 team was seventh. Of FSU quarterback Jameis Winston, the website says the he was "most hated college player since Christian Laettner."

--Just kidding with all the Krafy jokes. But I do wonder if, for Kraft, Viagra is a performance-enhancing drug.


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