Random thoughts: Can Longo reach Hall of Fame?

by Gary Shelton on January 22, 2017 · 0 comments

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USA Today ranked the next Hall of Famer for every team. The Rays' representative was Evan Longoria, although the website said he needed “four or five” more productive seasons. Still, the website pointed out the considerable distance between Longoria and the next guy.

– Maybe it's just me, but I'd have Fred McGriff first. But while steroid abusers return to favor (Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens), it casts a larger shadow over Fred's career.

– My hero, Miami Herald sports columnist Edwin Pope, died Friday at age 88. Loved the guy, and loved our moments on the road. One of them? In Buffalo one year, Edwin grinned conspiratorially at me. "I got 12 tall boys under my feet," he said, "And one of them's for you!" Not being a drinker, I just watched Edwin get happier. I'll miss you, buddy.

– According to USA Today, the No. 1 landing spot for Adrian Peterson is Tampa Bay. Kind of makes you sad it isn't 2007 anymore, huh?

–  If you want a way to think of the Lighting's loss to Phoenix Saturday night, it was as if the team lost to the Cleveland Browns of the NHL. I think Johnny Manziel scored twice.

– If there was such a thing as a voting do-over, how many would vote for Spurs' coach Gregg Popovich over Donald Trump?

– Gaylord Perry, who cheated, has no problem with Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame. He does have a problem with Pete Rose. Which I find interesting.

– Randy Moss says he could have averaged 20 points per game if he had played in the NBA. Not even with Tom Brady throwing you the ball, Randy.

– I see where NFL.com is calling Aaron Rodgers "the Magic Man." I thought that was Don Majkowski, which is a terrible thing to say about Rodgers.

– The new Spring League wants Johnny Manziel, Ray Rice and Vince Young. But they draw the line at Josh Freeman.

– Cris Carter, provin he might have taken too many blows to the helmet, says the Cowboys should trade aging backup quarterback Tony Romo for J.J. Watt. For crying out loud. You couldn't get former Oklahoma quarterback J.C. Watts for Romo. While the Cowboys are at it, perhaps they should try to trade Don Meredith for Khalil Mack.

– Ranking the “whew!” factor of the Tampa Bay Bucs, of guys they tried to obtain but failed. 1. Albert Haynesworth (although he ended up playing here anyway, albeit without the millions), 2. Jay Cutler, 3. Chip Kelly, 4. Jeff Fisher, 5. Socrates Babacas.

– Hey, the Cowboys lost. Isn't it time for Fox to hit the mute button on Skip Bayless?

– I know Jerry “Dirty” Rice is getting grief for endorsing Popeyes, including wearing a helmet with a rotating chicken wing on the face mask. On the other hand, I'll take a three-piece right now. Extra spicy.

– I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to see the nothing that the Rays got for Mike Mahtook play.

– One of the prop bets available for today's NFC title game: It will be 2:21 when Phil Simms first says “...we talked about” on the broadcast. I'm betting the under.

– A reason that Tom Coughlin, about to turn 71, should keep Monte Kiffin, 76, on his staff. Someone has to join him for the early-bird special.

– Ricky Williams was stopped while walking in Dallas by police and patted down. The surprise? He didn't have any pot on him.

– Before you debate whether Penny Hardaway deserves to be in the Orlando Magic Hall of Fame, address this: There's an Orlando Magic Hall of Fame?

– If you want to point to a single dunderhead move that doomed Colts' general manager Ryan Grigson, think back to the trade for Trent Richardson. Richardson had already proven he was a bust with Cleveland, but Grigson sent a No. 1 pick to Cleveland for him. It was the kind of I'm-smarter-than-you-move that wrecks careers, and it wrecked Grigson's.

– Hey, not even Mark Dominik wanted Richardson.

– If Barry Bonds does get into the Hall of Fame, isn't the guy who carves the faces on the plaques going to need more time to whittle that skull?

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