Random Thoughts: Bucs tell ASJ to go long

by Gary Shelton on September 25, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Know why the Bucs invested so much money in Austin Seferian-Jenkins only to get rid of him? Because getting rid of him is worth it, man.

– Here on old grump week, both Bobby Knight and Mike Ditka have ripped into Colin Kaepernick. So if the Muppets ever need a replacement for Statler and Waldorf, we have a balcony ready for them.

– If Bill Belichick is so smart, let's see him win with Josh Freeman at quarterback. Right?

– Jameis Winston is 16th in this week's Quarterback Power Ratings by USA today, four interceptions and all.

– The reason Brad and Angelina divorced. Belichick wanted one of them to play quarterback, and he liked Angelina.

– Ideas for the NFL to catch up to the Patriots: Every series, a Patriots offensive lineman has to face the wrong direction.

– When Lady GaGa performs at halftime of the Super Bowl, do you think she will sing her hit?

– Question: Is Roman Gabriel still playing quarterback for the Rams? And should he be?

– Just wondering: Who is the best throwaway by the Bucs? Aqib Talib, LeGarrette Blount, Micheal Bennett, Donald Penn, Darrelle Revis (even now), Matt Bryant or Austin Seferian-Jenkins?

– Did I read this right? Tom Brady and Giselle flew to the isle of Capri for dinner, and he had pasta and she had a salad. What? Was the Olive Garden closed?

– Jameis Winston is the NFL's second most disliked player. More people dislike him than Ndamukong Suh, Richie Incognito, Josh Gordon and Jay Cutler. Doesn't that seem wrong?

– Would Mark Richt have lost by 8,000 points to Ole Miss? I think not.

– Ideas to allow the NFL to catch the Patriots. The Pats start every series with a wide receiver in the penalty box.

– If Steve Clevenger had just shut up, America wouldn't hate him. It just wouldn't know who he is.

– I wonder what Jerramy Stevens thinks of the Bucs releasing Seferian-Jenkins.

– Ideas for the NFL to catch up to the Patriots. Instead of Jimmy Garoppolo, have the Pats start Janeane Garafolo at quarterback.

– Former Bucs' coach Greg Schiano hit a student riding a bike with his car. One question: When did Josh Freeman enroll at Ohio State?

– Former Saint receiver Joe Horn calls Roger Goodell “the Vladimir (expletive) Putin of the NFL." Horn would have had more to say, but his goalpost was ringing.

– Funniest news of the week. Former Patriots' tight end Aaron Hernandez says he kneels during the national anthem to bring attention to senseless killings. And, really, who has done more than Hernandez to bring attention to senseless killings? He's committed bunches of them.

– Cheatsheet.com ranks the 11 best college football teams of all times. Miami was ninth. FSU was 10th. Florida was 11th. So USF must figure that there is hope.

– Johnny Manziel supports Colin Kaepernick. For all the hatred and death threats, at least Colin has that going for him.

– Food for thought. Tough enough to deal with Seferian-Jenkins while he was here. Pointafter.com, in redrafting the 2010 draft, has the Bucs taking Rob Gronkowski. Of course, that's in place of Gerald McCoy, who has worked out okay.

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