Random Thoughts: Big deal, Owens isn’t coming

by Gary Shelton on June 10, 2018 · 2 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

Why all the fuss about Terrell Owens not attending the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Actors have been skipping the Oscars for years. This year, Mark Knopfler -- who doesn't seems to have much to do except for not making hits -- skipped the Rock 'n Roll Hall inductions. I'm sure Owens has a lot of other pressing engagements destroying quarterbacks.

-- Why couldn't Jerry Jones have missed?

-- I still maintain Michael Jordan was a better basketball player than LeBron James. If you don't believe me, ask Charles Barkley, who says he'll "slap anyone" who suggests King was better.

-- Again, think about the players Jordan played against in his prime, and the ones that King has played against. One of them played chess, and the other is playing checkers.

-- ESPN's Buster Olney has an idea: How about limiting baseball teams to four pitchers a game. That should get the Rays through two innings.

-- Was I wrong, or did someone say that Justify was a "competitive" horse. Just a question here. Has anyone ever heard Justify turn to another horse and say "I'll race you to that tree and back."

-- I'm not shocked that Michigan State trolled Michigan with last year's final score on its rings. I'm stunned that Michigan State, who didn't sniff the college playoffs, bought rings. Evidently, there wasn't room for Ohio State, which edged the Spartans by just 45 points.

-- Maybe the Rays could have their pitchers throw one strike each. Who's with me?

-- Instead of collecting all-stars all around him, why doesn't LeBron James do something really impressive. I'm talking about becoming an Orlando Magic player.

-- I was sorry to see Anthony Bourdain go. I became a fan when I saw what he ate from China before the Olympics. One question, meant with all respect: When a gourmet commits suicide, what does he have for a last meal?

-- What did that blackboard do to LeBron James, anyway? And don't you hate when you guess wrong in Pictionary?

-- Remember ex-Buc Kellen Winslow Jr.'s rant about "I'm a soldier!" After he was arrested for breaking into a mobile home, he can change soon to "I'm a convict."

-- Donald Trump has now pardoned Jack Johnson and is talking about doing the same for Muhammad Ali. Is this how you get around the controversy of champions no longer wanting to visit the White House (it happened with other presidents, too.) Do you just honor the dead guys? They can't refuse to come.

-- After testing positive for PEDs, Patriot receiver Julian Edelman said "I don't know what happened." Here's a guess. There was a PED. Edelman took it. Mystery solved.

-- If Terrell Owens had ever played for the Bucs, he could have ripped Jeff Garcia all over again. The other guys? When Owens was a player, the Bucs started: Trent Dilfer, Shaun King, Brad Johnson, Bob Griese, Phil Simms, Bruce Gradkowski, Garcia, Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon, Josh McCown and Jameis Winston. Who could find fault with that litany of champions?

-- Another suggestion on ESPN is that small-market teams be allowed to sell home games to larger ones, a moumentally thick-headed idea. At that, Tampa Bay would have about 16 games at home -- an NFL schedule -- and 146 on the road.

-- Yeah, Sloane Stephens was impressive in France. Of course, they once said that about Jerry Lewis, too.

-- Get ready for the flames from Dirk Koetter's seat. Sports Illustrated says the Bucs will go 2-13-1. So much for improvement. In the NFL, only Buffalo (2-14) is predicted to finish worse.





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