Random thoughts: The Lightning returns to old days

by Gary Shelton on May 13, 2018 · 4 comments

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Sunday, 4 a.m.

After watching the Lightning play Friday night, I have one question. When did Art Williams take over again?

-- Just guessing, but I think Art may have a few hours worth of adjectives for the Bolts.

-- In addressing every team's top remaining need, the Bleacher Report says the Bucs is ... cornerback. Which means that they think Vernon Hargreaves is a disappointment, and they doubt whether that Carlton Davis can fill it.

-- Also from Bleacher Report: In naming each team's best player who might get cut, the website lists ... J.R. Sweezy, who has been sort of the Anthony Collins of guards.

-- We are reasonable people, right? So we won't say mean things about Evan Longoria, who suggested the Rays leave town the other day. He's not dumb, and he's not a traitor. He played a lot of days in front of poor crowds. Hey, it's his opinion. He's entitled.

-- Tom Brady says that one reason he'll be back is to try to crack 1,000 yards rushing for his career. He has 962, which is why they call him (or should) Crazy Legs. Of course, a lot of quarterbacks couldn't run. For instance: Peyton Manning (667 ads), Phillip Rivers (573), Dan Fouts (476), Dan Marino (301) and Bernie Kosar (265).

-- After he criticized him, Ben Roethlisberger sent Mason Rudolph a message saying "good luck," which is an interesting way to spell "I hope you taste your own blood."

--TheSpun.com has a list of the most overpaid coaches in college football. Our old friend Lovie Smith is third, bringing in $3 million a year. Jim Harbaugh, who makes more money to win more insignificant games, is No. 1.

--We are reasonable people, right? So we won't say mean things about Warren Sapp, who wondered if Vita Vea will be able to carry his weight in the Florida sun. No, he's not stupid. No, he's not disloyal. Sapp knows football, especially defensive tackles. Just disagree with him. Don't suggest he's something he's not.

-- It's nice of Andre Rison to share, but personally, I'd rather hear from an athlete who didn't squander $20 million.

-- Suspicion in Boston is that David Price's carpal tunnel problems stemmed from the video game "Fortnight." But I think he can pitch more often that that.

-- Hey, why doesn't UCF claim the national Quidditch championship, too?

-- The latest silliness in Orlando, the city that makes up titles, is to turn on Scott Frost, who allowed the fiction to start with. Next thing you know, UCF will have another parade, this one in Narnia.

-- Major league baseball must be doing okay. Why else would the powers that be have to time to threaten Ben Zobrist over his black cleats? What? Would they prefer a blue high heel?

-- If so, why not call Brad Marchand?

-- Interesting. Yardbarker.com names the most underrated player on every team. The Bucs' choice? Cameron Brate. Not a bad choice.

-- A report said that Josh Rosen practiced for the Bills. We all know it was Josh Allen. Which is fine, as long as it wasn't Josh Freeman.

-- The Saints, reportedly, are thinking about signing Adrian Peterson. After the way Peterson ran through the Bucs last season, who can blame them?

--The Saturday Blitz, looking ahead to next season's NFL draft, thinks the Bucs will draft seventh again. He sees them taking Ole Miss tackle Greg Little, although who knows who would be making the pick.

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