Looking back on the Bucs’ loss to the 49ers

by Gary Shelton on December 13, 2022

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Tuesday, 4 a.m.

5 Thoughts

  1. For the first time all season, I do not think the Bucs will win the NFC South, as miserable as it is. Think about it. Tampa Bay is worse than this division.

2. No, the Bucs are a slumbering giant waiting to wake up. They're a bad, poorly coached football team.

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3. I don't know how the Glazers think when they talk about coaching. Most first-year coaches with six wins are safe. But most don't have the expectations -- or the payroll -- that this one does. A bad finish could finish Todd Bowles.

4. After Sunday, I think the Brady-to-San Francisco rumors are dead. Why bring in a 46-year-old quarterback?

5. Just wondering: How many touchdowns does Joe Burrow throw for on Sunday?


(From Todd Bowles day-after press conference)

On if there was any consideration given on Sunday to pulling QB Tom Brady near the end of the game): "No, not at the time. We were still trying to score some points. I think they held the ball the last part of it. Just to hand the ball off and concede the game, that wasn't it. We were trying to work on some things, so we let him stay in the game."

(On OLB Joe Tryon-Shoyinka's lack of production the last four games): "He's athletic. I think the mental part of the game is coming [but] not coming fast enough. He's learning different things every week. I don't think he's put it all together yet, but I don't think he's been playing bad. He's been close a lot of times but it just hasn't turned the corner yet. He's just got to finish at the top of the rush, so to speak."

(On why the 49ers were able to succeed against Tampa Bay’s defense): "Well, Kyle [Shanahan] has been an excellent play-caller for a long time. I think we aided some of that as well. We didn't play our best game on defense and we got out of our gaps quite a few times. I think that hurt us a little more, but they did a good job running off the ball, getting up to the second level, getting to our [line]backers and running away from the D-Linemen."

(On how different the offense looks now from what it was two months ago): "It's a little different, it's a little more different. Rachaad [White] is involved a little bit more, obviously. We've got the running game going a little bit better, not as much as we want it to be. It's a little bit more and it's spread out; we're trying to spread the ball around some. There's been some injuries taking place since then so the line looks a little bit different as well. But for the most part, we've got to score more points, we understand that. And that helps with the offense scoring more and the defense getting more turnovers."

(On how much say QB Tom Brady has in the offense): "Well, it's a collaboration. It's a collaboration with [Quarterbacks Coach] Clyde [Christensen), Tom, some of the receivers as well, trying to get the right plays in that he likes, the things that Byron [Leftwich] likes and then meshing it together. It's been like that since he's been here."

Game Balls

Are you kidding me?


Quarterback: I know it's tough when a team can't run the ball, but Tom Brady is missing too many short here-to-there throws. He looks nervous in the pocket. Grade: F.

Running back: The Bucs still can't run. They had 69 yards on the ground. Grade: F.

Offensive line: Donovan Smith can't hold enough to slow the opponent’s line: Grade: F.

Wide receivers: Chris Godwin is fighting, but for goodness sakes, can someone get Brady and Mike Evans in a room and introduce them to each other? Grade: F.

Defensive line: There are rumors the Bucs played a defensive line, but they have not been confirmed. Grade: F.

Linebackers: No impact at all. Grade: F.

Secondary: They're lost without a GPS. Grade: F.

Power Rankings

  1. Philadelphia

2. Buffalo

3. Kansas City

4. San Francisco

5. Dallas

20. Tampa Bay

Bottom Five

32. Houston

31. Chicago

30. Denver

29. Jacksonville

38. L.A. Rams

Fumbling Finishes

(Coaches the Glazers have fired and their final four games)

Tony Dungy 2-2

Jon Gruden 0-4

Raheem Morris 0-4

Greg Schiano 1-3

Love Smith 0-4

Dirk Koetter 0-4

Tom Brady's Worst Bucs' Games

  1. New Orleans 2020 40.4

2. New Orleans 2021 57.1

3. L.A. Rams 2020 62.5

4. San Francisco 2022 63.7

5. New Orleans 2020 78.4

NFL Stats

Passing Yards Tom Brady 4

Rushing Yards Leonard Fournette 37

Receiving Yards Chris Godwin 11

Tackles Devin White 25

Punting Jake Camarda 9

Team Stats

Rushing 32

Touchdowns 28

Interceptions 27 (tie)

Penalties 18

Opposing Passer Rating 20

5 More Thoughts

  1. Maybe they should tape Donovan Smith's hands to his sides so he can't hold. How much worse could it be?

2. Logan Hall had an assist on Sunday. Did they call time out give him the ball?

3. Who's the worst quarterback the Bucs have lost to this year? P.J. Walker or Brock Purdy? Jacoby Brisette or Mitch Trubisky? Stay tuned. The race isn't over yet.

4. Maybe it's me, but I think 6-11 is more likely than 10-7. Personally, I'd bet on 8-9.

5. The way I see it, the lack of separation by the Bucs' receivers is because of the schedule. They aren't playing against the Bucs' defensive backs.

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