Looking back on Bucs’ win over Saints

by Gary Shelton on September 20, 2022

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Tuesday, 4 a.m.

5 Thoughts

  1. Yeah, Mike Evans was wrong. But if he's going to get suspended for his part in Sunday's melee, then MarsjonLattimore deserves the same. Not to mention the referee who didn't call an obvious pass interference on the previous play.

2. If I'm Derrick Brooks talking to Warren Sapp, I finally acknowledge this defense doesn't make me blush. Ten sacks in two games? Two quarterbacks with ratings less than 60.0? That'll give you a chance.


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3. Jameis Winston threw 11 pick sixes for the Bucs. So I figure he still owes the Bucs 10.

4. Was it just me, or was anyone else hoping that Bruce Arians and Sean Payton would join Sunday's brawl?

5. After all he has accomplished, I'm ashamed to admit it But, man, Tom Brady has been ordinary in two games.


. (From Todd Bowles day-after press conference)

On Brandon Walton's performance at left tackle after Josh Wells left the game): "He really battled. For his first time out as a starter – or coming into the ballgame, playing in an NFL game – we thought he fought hard, we thought he held his own and we thought he did some good things in there. [We're] very happy to see what he did when he came in."

(On getting stopped on several short-yardage attempts): "We've got to find a way to get a yard. For whatever reason, it didn't click. Whether they made a good play or we didn't, we've got to find a way to get one yard every time if we want to go for it on fourth down."

(On his thoughts on the altercation in Sunday's game): "We don't want any fighting in our game because if we lose a good player, it doesn't help our team. So, we don't condone that, we don't teach that, we don't want that in our game."

(On his reaction to WR Mike Evans being suspended for one game): "He'll have a one-game suspension. Like I said, the fighting alone loses a player for the next game [and] it hurts our team because we lose a very good ballplayer. We don't want that, we don't condone it, and we've got to move forward and try to find a way to win without him. But that should be a lesson to all of our other players."

(On the fine line of sticking up for a teammate without crossing over into unwanted territory): "It's always a fine line. This is a controlled-aggression game. It's a controlled-aggression game and you try to protect your teammates, but you've got to do it the right way."

(On WR Breshad Perriman stepping up when needed): "Well, he’s always prepared. His readiness, his understanding of the game, doing the right things all the time, staying mentally sharp, doing all the little things…he's a pro's pro. He's a guy’s guy, especially in the locker room. Understanding what he has to do to prepare so when the moment comes, it's not too big for him. It's routine for him and it's a small thing that goes under the radar but it's a big thing for us."

Game Balls

Offense: Not a lot to choose from this week, but let's go with Breshad Perriman. Perriman hasn't argued very loudly for more playing time, but his 28-yard touchdown play was huge.

Defense: Mike Edwards' 67-yard interception return sealed the game for the Bucs. Both Shaq Barrett and Jamel Dean could have won it.

Special teams: Ryan Succop, who supposedly lacks range, nailed two 47-yard field goals.


Quarterback: Tom Brady isn't ordinary very often, but he's off to a slow start this season. Grade: B-.

Running back: Leonard Fournette was banged up and held to 65 yards rushing. Grade: C.

Offensive line: The Bucs gave up only one short sack. The run-blocking wasn't nearly as good as it was in Dallas. Grade: C.

Receivers: The Bucs played the fourth quarter without Mike Evans, Chris Godwin or Julio Jones. Thank goodness for Breshad. Grade: B.

Defensive line: The pass rush is good, but what happened to the Bucs' run defenses? Grade: B-.

Linebackers: Devin White led the team in tackles again. Grade: B+/

Secondary: The Bucs got two picks from Dean, one from Mike Edwards, eight tackles from Carlton Davis and seven from Antonio Winfield.. A second straight good game. Grade: A.

Power Ratings

  1. Buffalo

2. Kansas City

3. Tampa Bay

4. Miami

5. Philadelphia

Bottom 5

  1. Atlanta

2. Las Vegas

3. Carolina

4. N.Y. Jets

5. Cincinnati

Good Starts

Year Start Final Record

1979 2-0 10-6

1980 2-0 5-10-1

1987 2-0 5-4

1990 2-0 6-10

1992 2-0 5-11

1997 2-0 10-6

2005 2-0 4-12

2010 2-0 10-6

2018 2-0 5-11

2021 2-0 13-4

2022 2-0 ???

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