Looking back on Bucs’ loss to Kansas City

by Gary Shelton on October 4, 2022

in general

Tuesday, 4 a.m.

5 Thoughts

  1. Yeah, it's a little soon to give up on Todd Bowles. That said, I miss risking and biscuiting.

2. Remember when all the scuttlebutt was about Leonard Fournette being overweight. Do you think Vita Vea ate him?

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3. Let's see: So far, Joe Tryon-Shoyinka is no Jason Pierre-Paul, Logan Hall is no Ndamukong Suh and Cade Otten is no Rob Gronkowski.

4. If the NFL warned Bruce Arians for being useless on the sideline, should Todd Bowles be nervous?

5. Can the Bucs qualify for Federal Relief funds?

Game Balls

Offense: No help from the defense, no help from the special teams, no help from the running game. That left Tom Brady, who had his best game of the year. For what it's worth, which isn't much.

Defense: Are you kidding? The Bucs might as well have played while wearing roller skates. Sean-Murphy Bunting at least made a play.

Special teams: Eh. Ryan Succop hit a field goal and four extra points. On a night the Bucs forced one punt and fumbled a kickoff, it at least didn't hurt.


Quarterback: He wasn't perfect, but Brady (and Mike Evans) were the only concerns the Chiefs had. Grade: B+.

Running backs: Did the Bucs have any running backs: Grade: F.

Offensive line: The Bucs had no running game. Brady fumbled on a sack. Grade: F.

Wide receiver: Evans was very good, and tight ends caught eight passes. Grade: B.

Defensive line: Once a wall, this group has turned into a door. The Chiefs had 189 yards rushing. Grade: F.

Linebackers: Both Devin White and Lavonte David had more than 10 tackles. But neither could cover Travis Kelce. Grade: C.

Secondary: The Bucs ran around aimlessly and stopped nothing. Grade: F.

Power Rankings

  1. Buffalo

2. Philadelphia

3. Kansas City

4. Green Bay

5. Minnesota


10. Tampa Bay

Bottom Five

32. Texas

31. Detroit

30. Washington

29. Raiders

28. Carolina

NFL Statistics

Passing Yards. Tom Brady 8

Rushing Yards Leonard Fournette 18

Passing yards Mike Evans 31

Tackles Devin White 17

Field Goals Ryan Succop 5

5 Games That Could Be Trouble

  1. L.A. Rams

2. Cincinnati Bengals

3. Baltimore Ravens

4. New Orleans Saints

5. San Francisco 49ers

5 More Thoughts

  1. Tom Brady says his arm is fine despite reports that he has a minor rotator cuff injury. Just to be sure, all Bucs’ players will wear ice packs on their shoulders the rest of the week.

2. I think the reason refs seemed unaware that Cameron Brate was injured Sunday night was, well, they've seen Brate run.

3. Did Patrick Mahomes have to clean up bits of the Bucs' defenders from his cleats today?

4. Not saying the Bucs' schedule is week for the next few weeks, but I think USF is up next.

5. So I'm willing to jump on the bandwagon the blame Byron Leftwich for everything. But how do you tell which plays were called by him and which ones were called by Brady? Oh, that's right. Leftwich only calls the bad ones.

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