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by Gary Shelton on January 25, 2015 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 10 a.m.

Random thoughts:

Hi, I'm the Bill Belichick of Rob Lowes, and I have cable. Don't be this me.

If there is a new version of Ernie Banks out there, I imagine him saying this: Let's play two...innings.

Hope Solo is suspended 30 days for making a bad decision? Hey, it's an addiction.

I always suspected Bill Belichick could suck the fun out of a room. Maybe he just got too closes to the footballs.

Well, Tiger Woods hasn't had much to smile about lately, anyway.

Bill Belichick channels Ernie Banks: “It's a lovely day, Let's cheat twice!''

Here's a thought. If Eugene Robinson had met Suzy Favor Hamilton, they both could have saved us some headaches.

Maybe it's my age, but every time I hear about the Saints' money grab, I think of Granny and Ellie Mae fighting for Jed's cash over the cement pond.

Is it just me, or was Richard Allenby on a very special Castle last night?

Remember all of those people who thought Johnny Manziel would be a good idea for the Bucs? I've had worse opinions. Just not lately.

I understand a local nightclub asked Marshawn Lynch to leave the other night so it could have happy hour.

Ex-Bucs corner Darrelle Revis says he's asking teammates a lot of questions about the Super Bowl. Like “We get paid, right? When? How much? Small bills? Cash?''

This from Greg Cote: “Madaam Taussad's now has a wax statue of Dan Marino. It isn't wearing a Super Bowl ring, either.''

I don't know what the title of Bill Belichick's life story will be. It Takes a Thief has already been used.

So Lane Kiffin is staying at Alabama instead of going to the NFL. I guess he wants to stay with the real pros.

Here's how you know Tom Brady has had a bad day. Mr. Wonderful is getting bad-mouthed by Ray Lewis, who says Brady is only known because of the tuck rule. Remind me, why is Lewis known?

Let me get this straight: The NFL actually had to send a memo asking Marshawn Lynch not to grab his crotch? Did they add "...or anyone else's.''

IT was disappointing that Tyler Johnson had to sit out the NHL All-Star game. What's really disappointing is that he had to watch.

Just asking: Would Lance Armstrong be a good Patriot?

Would Butch Cassidy?

Just wondering: Did Tiger woods think Leon Spinks was a handsome guy?

New baseball commissioner Rob Manfred had a meeting with Alex Rodriguez. Try Lava, Mr. Commish.

When Steven Stamkos gets his new deal, which is pretty much going to be for Ybor City, how similar do you think it will be to Vinny Lecavalier's? And will Oren Koules return to sign it?

Poor Roger Goodell. Most of his season was defending himself against video tape. Now he's examining shrinkage.

I'm not saying Hope Solo is out of control, but if I was Nancy Kerrigan, my other knee would ache every time I was around her.

Wondering: Can Tonya Harding sue Solo for stealing her act?

USC cornerback Josh Shaw is getting questioned about his draft status after being caught in a blatant lie. Sounds Patriotic to me.

When the Patriots have their media day Tuesday, former tight end Aaron Hernandez will have his own reporters. His first murder trial will begin. Guess who isn't going to Disney World.

Just wondering: Will this affect the service that Tiger Woods expects at Perkins?

Sometimes, the head just bowls up. Mike Tyson says he was inspired to sing by Benito Mussolini. And my thought is: He sings?

My favorite New England cheerleader? Rosie Ruiz.

Pete Rose says Barry Bonds should be in the baseball Hall of Fame. In related news, Hannibal Lecter thinks Darth Vader got a bad rap.

And finally, I'm Bill Belichick. And I sure miss Conrad Dobler.

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